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Your character can be summed up thusly: you love harmony, fairness and justice, and are very sympathetic to those less fortunate. You tend to ponder things, weighing and balancing them. You are gentle, calm, and like to stop and smell the roses.

You are a very textured and interesting lover, very passionate and giving. Your lovers would say that you are gentle, tender, compassionate and sweet.

Your weakness: you are fickle, running hot and cold without warning. You are unstable in your love life, like to go first class, and can be very demanding on a man.

Your good points make you a highly desirable catch for the right man. If you can learn to curb your unpredictable yearnings, you may just find him.


ARIES: 3/21 thru 4/20       LIBRA: 9/22 thru 10/22
4/21 thru 5/20    SCORPIO: 10/23 thru 11/21 
5/21 thru 6/20     SAGITTARIUS: 11/22- 12/20
6/21 thru 7/21     CAPRICORN: 12/21 thru 1/19
7/22 thru 8/21         AQUARIUS: 1/20 thru 2/18
8/22 thru 9/21      PISCES: 2/19 thru 3/20

ARIES: Aries is aggressive and spoils for a fight. Libra loves peace, and will be the refined diplomat, working to make everyone happy. These signs are opposites on the wheel, and can balance each other out nicely. There is apt to be great physical attraction, warmth, and a harmonious success story if they mate. In order to make it work, however, your Aries must learn some restraint. You, Libra,  will let him push and push, and you will indulge his flighty whims to a large degree. But if he  pushes too hard, your resentment will build, and you may just push him back, right out of your life. So if he can learn some self control, you'll make him a steady and trustworthy partner for life.

TAURUS:  Libra loves peace, and will be the refined diplomat, working to make everyone happy. You, Libra,  can be so accommodating and willing to compromise that you may even allow yourself to be taken advantage of. So, don't allow your Taurus too much room there, or it will backfire on you in the end. You will tend to hold in resentments until it's too late to save the relationship. Libra is all about balance. Taurus will have to help balance it all out by letting you have your way sometimes. You are more of a social animal than your home-body Taurus. If you can learn to stay at home more often, and he can learn to get out and socialize more, that might provide just the balance needed to make this relationship last.

GEMINI: Libra and Gemini are two highly compatible air-heads, er... air signs, that is. There is a high degree of physical attraction between you two, which may make for a rapid union. A word of warning here, though, Libra. Don't get involved with Gemini unless he is serious about love. For there's nothing half-way with you, Libra when it comes to romance, and Gemini will find a passionate, committed lover in you. You will need to learn to indulge him his wild ideas and ambitious projects, not let them rock your sense of balance. He, on the other hand, will need to give you some traditional romancing, not easy for a Gemini to do. But if he can learn to communicate more warmth and affection towards you, you will make him a steady and trustworthy partner for life.

CANCER: Cancer and Libra bring out the best in each other, and can have a loving, successful relationship.  Libra loves peace, and will be the refined diplomat, working to make everyone happy. You will give your Cancer the security and contentment he needs. You'll give him a solid basis in reality, and bring him down to earth when his emotions get out of control. Cancer can give you a stable relationship to help you stay balanced. If he is ready to settle down, and spend time at home with family, then maybe he's right for you. But he'll need to learn to pamper and cherish you, and never take advantage of your agreeable nature. If this can be done, then you can become steady and trustworthy partners for life.

LEO:  The Leo-Libra combo can be quite harmonious. You will be stimulating for a Leo, and he craves that. You can show him the more practical route to success, tone down some of his flamboyant, passionate characteristics. But he must be flexible with you, Libra. You can be quite sensitive, and he can crush you with his overbearing, know-it-all manner. You also may be a bit "cool" for his hot, passionate tastes. But with a little compromise and acceptance on both your parts, you will make steady and trustworthy partners for life.

VIRGO:  This could be a very beneficial blending of souls. You, Libra, can help lighten up a practical, sensible Virgo. You can help him see and value beauty, and open up his hidden sensuality. Your Virgo man will take the lead in this relationship; he is the one who will start things moving between you. There will be  a tendency for you to let him take total charge and you may become overly dependent on him to handle the details of daily living for you, while you dream and appreciate the arts. If you both can learn to adapt, though, you will make steady and trustworthy partners for life.

LIBRA:  When two Libras get together, the word is balance. You can help each other achieve it, or upset it in a big way. This liaison is apt to be light, beautiful, fun and loving. Two Libras can create the most romantic and loving relationships around, if they are willing to work on it. There can be a tendency for you to have so much fun that the whole thing becomes a game, instead of a serious bonding. Surround yourselves with upbeat friends, remain true to each other, and strive to maintain equality between you to keep this affair on an even keel. It will take a certain degree of wisdom and maturity for two Libras to settle down into a long-term, stable relationship.

SCORPIO:  A Scorpio man represents intrigue. He will awaken your sleeping soul--often by challenging your core beliefs. He  may open you up to the mystical or spiritual.  He may help you realize your innermost desires, and cause you to stop, question, seek the truth.  This introspection can be a good thing for a sometimes dreamy Libra. Heed these warnings, however: a Scorpio can at times be smothering, possessive, jealous, ruthless, controlling, plotting and sneaky. He's a scorpion, remember? But if you both can come to a balance of pride and control, and keep your anger managed, a love affair with a Scorpio can be an exquisite spiritual journey,  full of passion and mystery. You'll not be bored.

SAGITTARIUS:  Sagittarius is a philosopher, seeking freedom and honesty in a big way. He sees the big picture and helps you see it, too. He is entrepreneurial, constantly planning new projects, and will be passionate and driven about his challenging ventures. You and Sag are favorably aspected, and can make for a grand achieving pair. You, Libra, will provide the balance and solid foundation in reality that Sagittarius needs to pull him down out of the clouds. You'll be the one to keep an eye on the practical side of things---like time and money. Sagittarius will help you expand your horizons, and he has a pretty agreeable disposition, to boot. So forgive him his impractical hair- brained schemes, and stick with him, for one of his long-range projects may well bear lots of fruit for you both.

CAPRICORN:  This one might take a little work, Libra. Capricorn is the zodiac "Daddy", looking to take care of someone special. You? Capricorn is heavy, disciplined, cautious, rules-oriented, traditional. He can be given to spells of depression, and may think too rigidly for you, dreamy Libra. On the other hand, his practical outlook may be just what you need to direct all that energy into a solid, usually career oriented,  goal.  Unless you are mature enough to change in this way, or unwilling to support him in his dark times, Capricorn may not be the man for you. He may make you feel confined and  restricted. Unless you are ready to settle down, pass Capricorn by. And, unless he can lighten up sometimes, and play with you, stop and smell the roses with you, you aren't likely to stick around long enough for this interesting relationship to gel.

AQUARIUS:  An Aquarian man can get your motor running, in more than one way. He's an impulsive dreamer, full of grand ideas, lofty promises, and romantic gestures. He will touch your aspirations, get your hopes up, your head in the clouds, and often disappoint you by failing to deliver. An Aquarian is more cold and emotionally distant than you, sentimental Libra. But he may well be worth pursuing for his vital friendship and exciting energy. If you are realistic, and not blinded by his charms, a relationship with an Aquarius can be a pleasant, fruitful and romantic experience.

PISCES:   Pisces can bring out the worst in you, Libra. He can bring out feelings of fear and guilt in you. On the plus side, he can help you in your constant quest to achieve balance, and stimulate you both intellectually and spiritually. When you get together with Pisces, you can fall into an atmosphere of dreaminess and  mystery. This can be a pleasant and revealing experience for you, or can be negative and even a little scary. Pisces can be indirect and secretive, while you're more straightforward and honest. Can you learn to respect his privacy and accept his soothing energy? It will take a lot of compromise and giving to make this work out, but should be worth it.

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