Long distance relationship problem

by Manisha Devi

I am 17 and am from Mauritius. Girl's of my age here do not normally go out with boys, but most of them do it, secretly.

Am in a long distance relationship. The guy is from here but is studying abroad. We both love each other and even though we somewhat lack communication (video call 3 times a week), we are both striving to keep our relationship working and it was doing great.

But recently my dad found out about it and forbade me to have any contact with him. He even denied me internet access!

What do i do? I told my boyfriend about it. He says he will never give up on me. But i think a relationship without communication at all will never work. And i trust him completely. But i still want to chat with him. But what do i do??
Plz plz help me find a solution!!!!!!


Dear Manisha,

Write long letters to each other, phone when you can manage it, and of course, try to get together if at all possible.

If you truly love and miss each other, you will find a way to be together eventually.

I know this might sound sort of vague and idealistic, but there is no easy solution unless one of you is willing to go against your parents wishes now.

Best of luck to you both,

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