long distant relationship

The Love of my Life

The Love of my Life

I've finally found someone real special, better than anyone I have ever been with. I am in military family and I had to move from Louisiana to New york. We had been together for 6 months and love each other dearly, and hope that we make it through this far distance.

The problem is that I'm in high school and have one more year, and she has 2 more years to go. How do I decide with college? Because I wanted to move back there, but I want to start college, how do I decide about college, I want to go to the same one as her or at least close to her, I'm just confused on some parts...


From Stella:

Geez! Sounds like you're in love! And how sad that you two had to separate due to military transfer.

This same scenario is played out every day for other young lovers still in high school. You are not alone. You need to plan on college where your parents can afford to send you. If they can only afford state university, how could you afford to go out-of-state and pay for housing, etc? There are a lot of details you didn't provide, and it's not really clear exactly what advice you are seeking.

I'll offer some advice anyway: If your parents can afford to send you back to Louisiana for college, then great. If not, then plan on college where your parents can afford it. While in school, continue with your long distance romance, see her when you can, and if you two have a deep mature love that was meant to be, it will survive the test of time and distance.

Concentrate on your schooling now, it will set the course for the rest of your life. Don't give up your one chance at a good education just to marry too early.

Good luck to you kids.

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by: Amanda G.

I know exactlty how you feel- I'm in Lakeland and my boyfriend is in Miami and we have a sexual urge for each other; we need each other in all kinds of ways. But if you guys really love each other than I would deal with it and understand their situation and where they are coming from, and just be patient good will come to you!!!!!

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