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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : Love Advice : Dear Stella: The Other Woman is Pregnant!

Dear Stella: The Other Woman is Pregnant!

     sad woman asking for advice

Hi Stella, I fell in love with a man at work, he say he love me to, but his fiance and he left each other 6 months ago, now she is 7 months pregnant, he is still staying with her but in different rooms. I feel so insecure, i need help, he's going to adopt the baby and he ask me to marry him. I love children and him so i am prepare to do this, but what about him still staying with her till she sign the baby off, i am so insecure. Please give me advise.

Dear Elaine,

Sorry to be blunt with you, but I think I need to be. This man is a "player". He's playing you for a sucker, he's playing her for a sucker, and there are probably other women in his life you both don't even know about. Chances are excellent that this Other Woman:

1. Is not really pregnant
2. If she is pregnant, she is not going to give the baby up.
3. He has asked her to marry him, too.
4. She knows absolutely nothing about you.
5. She is NOT sleeping in a separate bedroom (c'mon, get real).
6. He is NOT going to move out from her place.

Elaine, you need to wake up, smell the coffee, cut your losses and get this loser out of your life. He is still staying with her because he prefers her to you, it's that simple. He's got you both where he wants you, why should he make any changes? Would you really consider marrying a man like this? Please, at the very least, postpone marriage for a year or two until you see what happens here.

If you are really stuck on this guy, then you need a major reality check. You must contact his other woman, without him around, and hear her side of the story. Unless I have totally missed the boat on this one, the things she tells you will help you decide what to do.

From our angle, you would be well rid of this player, and his tangled mess of women and babies. Get out now, and get on with your life as a single woman. And vow never to get involved with a "Taken" man again.

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