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Free Love Advice: "I'm in love with a restaurant Nazi!"

Dear Stella,
I have been dating "George" for over 5 months, and I love him. Things are going great except for one minor problem: he turns into a monster when we go out to eat in a restaurant. He is rude and demanding to the waiters, usually sends his plate back because it's "not right", and he is a miserable tipper. Otherwise, he's really a nice guy. Why does he do this? What should I do? --- Mixed up in Memphis

Dear Mixed up,
Warning! This is not a MINOR problem! The way you two resolve this may well decide the future of your relationship. First, you need to sit down (at home) and tell him how you feel. You might start off with "Why are you so mean to waitresses?"

George will probably react in one of two ways:

1. There is a chance that he was just doing it to "impress you", show you how powerful and take-charge he is. And when you tell him that you really aren't impressed with that type of behavior, he will hopefully see the light and mend his ways. Problem solved. OR,

2. He will become defensive, and stubbornly keep on with his rude and demeaning behavior. If this is the case, it really reveals a major character flaw in George. And you should think seriously about ending the relationship. Why? If this bothers you a little bit now (and you would not have written in if it didn't), it will only get worse, not better. You will never change him, and you will not respect George in the long run.

And true love depends on mutual respect in order to survive. If all else fails, print this column out and give it to him. Good luck!

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