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A primer on aromatherapy for lovers


"For the sense of smell, almost more than any other, has the power
 to recall memories, and it is a pity that you use it so little"--
                                        --Rachel Carson (1907-1964)

Aromatherapy as aphrodesiac?

... it's for real, guys! Throughout history, man has  used the scents from plants, flowers and herbs for medicinal purposes... but also to enhance sexual intimacy and lift the emotions.

Once you know the basics of this ancient healing art, you can use  it to create a peaceful mood in your home...  induce harmony between  you two... and also set the stage for romance.

Essential oils are distilled from various plant materials. The aromatic concentrate can then be utilized in different ways to spread it's pleasurable healing scent. The oils can be infused  in candles, or dispensed into the air from heating diffusers, added  to bath water, or used as massage oil (more on that later).

We have brought together a small but interesting array of diffusers to get you started in aromatherapy. Some are electric, and can spread the aromas over a larger area. But the candle diffusers are elegant, and we love the classy look of them.


    STELLA'S HOT PICKS  red hot chili pepper


      AROMATHERAPY AS APHRODESIAC? small love heart with arrow piercing it
                    TO ROMANCE

   woman receiving aromatherapy massage


Ylang Ylang- From the exotic yellow flower of a tropical
    evergreen tree. It creates a pleasant mood and
    outlook, and dispels anger; believed to create strong
    sexual and romantic desire.

Jasmine- The "scent of angels", Jasmine is the King of
    oils. Long favored as an aphrodisiac, it is often used in
    "love potions". It was reportedly used by Cleopatra on
    Antony. Jasmine  is an intense aroma that produces
    optimism and good will. Works well for men and women
    to inspire romantic feelings.

Rose- Ah, the rich sensual scent of the rose. But did you
    know it's also considered a powerful aphrodisiac? It is
    emotionally cleansing and healing, which helps promote
    harmony between lovers.

Patchouli- This earthy,  musky scent from India is also
    considered an aphrodisiac. Great scent for the

Basil- The smell of basil is stimulating to the mind. Use it
    to wake him up and get his attention.

Neroli (orange blossom)- Delicate and sensual, this aroma
    creates a relaxing and sensual mood, and is
    particularly suited for stressful, anxious times. Helps
    promote loving, comforting feelings.

Cinnamon- This spicy scent is a "comfort food" and helps
    get men in the mood for love.

Cedarwood: Essence of this majestic evergreen inspires
    confidence and quiet strength. A relaxing, soothing

Pick and choose the essential oils that intrigue you then... order 'em up for your new diffuser:


        AROMATHERAPY AS APHRODESIAC?  small love heart with arrow piercing it

Aromatherapy as aphrodesiac...

Advanced practitioners of aromatherapy actually create blends of oils for specific medicinal, therapeutic or sexual purposes. If  you'd like to learn more about aromatherapy techniques, check out  one of these books, or spin the wheel on one of the decoders to have aromatherapy recipes and applications at your fingertips...


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