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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : Music, Movies & Books : Best Date Movies-- Two Moon Junction

Best Date Movies-- Two Moon Junction

Things getting a little cool and scarce in the bedroom lately? Wow, we rented a movie the other night that should heat things up for y'all! It's called "Two Moon Junction", was released in 1988, and stars April and Perry (two gorgeous unknowns). This movie is unusual, to say the least; an Amazon review calls it an "insane southern melodrama". Look for little Tattoo among the carnies. And yes, that is Kristy McNichol exchanging lace camisoles with the leading lady.

Sexy, steamy, sultry, smouldering...

It borders on "soft porn"; well, okay, it IS soft porn. Expect female frontal nudity, but no explicit sexual images. This movie accomplishes what most films of this nature do not- it provides a sensual fantasy adventure for both men and women. Lots of see-thru cotton dresses (no panties) for the men, and afternoon delight behind heavy drapes for the women.

Rent or buy it today, make a romantic gourmet dinner for two. Then, turn off the phone, put the kids to bed, and enjoy!

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