Decadent...that's what it is..

Guess what I've got in the corner of my bedroom, on top of the dresser?

               beautiful wide screen tv for romantic movies at home

   Yep, one of these...
      dvd player for your home cinema  

And one of these, too...

Yes, in the bedroom! Why not!

If you can possibly afford it, get you one of those HDTV wide screen televisions. (Not the projector kind- get like a 34" flat screen 16:9 number). They have come way down in price and can be had for well under $1,000! Then get an inexpensive DVD player, hook it all up. Just do it! And put it...not in the living room...
                                             ...but in your bedroom!

I know, I know... "But the kids won't get to see it much"...       

                       curly headed toddler screaming and crying

Well, so what! Get them a 26-incher and stick it in the living room. And then,  promise them... when they grow up and get a job, they can have their very own widescreen TV in their bedroom!

In the meantime, turn your bedroom into your own private theater... What a luxury... what a self-indulgent, pleasurable thing to do. You DESERVE it... You work hard for the money... so enjoy it.


               MOVIETIME-small love heart with arrow piercing it

                                           projector and popcorn symbols for great cinema

This is an easy one... movies are great! We all love 'em...They'll make you laugh...and cry...and think...and put you in the mood. Make them a part of your intimate life together.

A night out, dinner and a movie, is great on occasion... but this is one of our favorite "nights in":

  • Rent a great DVD
  • Pop some popcorn & make root beer floats, or
  • Make a platter (sliced summer sausage, cheese cubes, hot & sweet mustard, pickles, olives, crackers)
  • Pour some good wine
  • Cut all the lights & turn off the phone

And settle in for movie time at home!
                                               wine cheese and crackers for great cinema experience 

Now, there's tons of great movies we could have recommended... And whittling the list down caused a bit of bickering among the we voted, then capped each category at 20 of our favorites....sensual and romantic movies not to be missed...

Even if you've seen some of them already... rent them again... many DVDs are re-releases with added scenes, improved graphics and remastered sound. One of the best... you gotta see "To Have and Have Not" with Bogey & Bacall, on the wide-screen...What a taste treat !  Check out the deco furniture! The stylish hats! An undiscovered nuance with every viewing...


Serious about your flicks? BUY your dvds and start a film library.
***Great gift idea for your guy: slowly collect a bunch of his favorite movies, box 'em up, and present it to him on his birthday! To get you started, go to and click on the Top 100 List  (the best of the best to collect). A great starting point.

Have you REALLY gotten into this? For a cool website to help you install a genuine home theater in your bedroom or living room, visit:

Alright, alright! Here's the movies...

*Click on the movie title to get "the skinny": stats, reviews, and the best price we could find.

    STELLA'S HOT PICKS  red hot chili pepper


    OLD CLASSICS-THE BEST DATE MOVIESsmall love heart with arrow piercing it

1.  GONE WITH THE WIND-(1939)- Clark Gable & Vivien
    Leigh-Arguably one of the best movies ever made...
    everyone needs one in their film library...
    We will love it forever!

2. AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER-(1957)-Cary Grant &
    Deborah Kerr- One of our it with him
    on Valentine's Day. A timeless romantic-comedy classic.

3. The African Queen Gets better with each viewing. Hands-down, 
    Stella's all-time favorite movie.

4. CASABLANCA-(1942)- Bogart & Ingrid Bergman-
    There's a reason why this legendary film has
    endured---it's perfect! "America's most popular
    and beloved movie".

5. TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT-(1945)- Bogey & Bacall-
    The true-life romance between them unfolds
    before our very eyes in this must-have classic.
    A more passionate and torrid love affair has
    not been captured on film!

6. THE BIG SLEEP-(1946)- Bogey & Bacall
    Together again in this convoluted whodunit; hugely
    entertaining. All the Bogey flicks are delicious on
    DVD re-releases, across a wide-screen. You'll
    discover nuances with every viewing.

7. KEY LARGO-(1948)- Another Bogey & Bacall
    "must-see". We also love the 100 year old
    Seminole "Mama" at the beginning.

NOTE: Oh, all right, just be done with it! Get yourself
    a Bogart boxed set:

8. WUTHERING HEIGHTS-(1939)- Lawrence Olivier
    & Merle Oberon- Unbelievable on the wide-screen,
    in a darkened room--A moody, tragic masterpiece...

9. TO CATCH A THIEF-(1955)- Cary Grant & Grace
    Kelly- One of Hitchcock's lighter offerings, it's a
    suspenseful, enjoyable, highly watchable classic.

10. BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S-(1961)- Audrey
    Hepburn & George Peppard- One of the most
    romantic love stories on film...always a treat to

11. ROMAN HOLIDAY-(1953)- Gregory Peck &
    Audrey Hepburn- Another one of the most
    romantic movies ever made--also with
    Audrey Hepburn. Is it a coincidence? Nope!

12. SABRINA-(1954)- Bogey & Audrey Hepburn
    & William Holden- Yep, Audrey again... She pulls
    off this delightful romantic comedy with class
    and style. And pair her up with Bogey? Yummm!

NOTE: #10, 11 & 12 are available as the boxed

    Marlon Brando & Vivien Leigh- An essential
    American classic about love, desire, betrayal.
    Earthy and brutal, a must-see, but not for a
    lighthearted evening... "Stellaaaa....!"

14. SUNSET BOULEVARD-(1950)- William Holden
    & Gloria Swanson- A masterpiece...a unique fairy-
    tale romance...also not for light-hearted viewing...
    but not to be missed.

15. CHARADE-(1963)- Cary Grant & oh, yeah...
    Audrey Hepburn. Exceptionally entertaining...
    It's funny, sophisticated, romantic, "Hitchcockian".

16. THE PHILADELPHIA STORY-(1940)- Cary Grant,
    Katherine Hepburn, & Jimmy Stewart- A screwball
    romantic comedy, this witty, sparkling romp by three
    huge Hollywood talents is to watch over and over again!

17. IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT-(1934)- Clark Gable
    & Claudette Colbert- OLD  movie...still as fresh, funny
    and sexy as it was in 1934 when it swept the Awards...
    Classy, classy film.

18. HIS GIRL FRIDAY-(1940)- Cary Grant & Rosalind
    Russell- One of our all-time, funny,
    Cary at his best.

19.BRIEF ENCOUNTER-(1946)- Trevor Howard &
    Celia Johnson- Never heard of it? Then you've missed
    one of the most passionate and romantic stories ever
    captured on film. Your guy will like it, too, though he
    might not admit it. Why's it so expensive? I dunno.

20. IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE-(1947)- James Stewart
    & Donna Reed- Alright, alright, not exactly a romance...
    but, it's the most beloved American Christmas film ever.
     Let it become a Holiday "ritual" in your family, too.

             BEST CHICK FLICKS small love heart with arrow piercing it

But first, check out our list of The 10 Best Movie Kisses Ever!


1. TERMS OF ENDEARMENT-(1983)-Jack Nicholson,
    Shirley MacLaine & Debra Winger- Nicholson vs.
    MacLaine (endearingly funny) + Winger's charm +
    terminal illness= A beautifully acted, clever tear-
    jerker, destined to become a classic.

2. HOPE FLOATS-(1998)- Sandra Bullock & Harry
    Connick, Jr.- Simple, unpretentious, and fun to watch.
    This film provides a pleasant evening's entertainment...
    plus an eyeful of Hunky Connick!

3. MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE-(1999)- Kevin Costner-
    Unabashedly romantic film about love lost and
    found again... predictable but well-done.

    Eastwood & Meryl Streep- A classic love story;
    quiet, graceful and beautiful to watch; read the
    book first.

5. SWEPT FROM THE SEA-(1998)- Vincent Perez-
    Brooding, bittersweet melodrama set in the
    1800's. Bring the Kleenex, and watch it with your

6. THE ENGLISH PATIENT-(1996)- Ralph Fiennes
     & Juliette Binoche- Exquisite tale of love and
    loss during WWII...will wrap you up until the end...
    solid "Chick Flick".

7. UNTAMED HEART-(1993)- Christian Slater
    A sleeper...sweet, genuine love-tale between two
    unlikely players...but the chemistry works.
    A 3-hanky movie.

8. OUT OF AFRICA-(1985)- Robert Redford &
    Meryl Streep- Redford + Streep + astonishing
    scenes of Africa + romance = Multi-Oscar winning
    movie not to be missed.

9. A ROOM WITH A VIEW-(1986)- Maggie Smith-
    Touching, romantic and funny, this award-winning
    "art film" is a critically acclaimed "essential movie".

10. TRULY MADLY DEEPLY-(1991)- Juliet
    Stevenson- Different, intelligent, funny, moving,
    quirky. Well acted, filmed and directed, one of our
    favorites! Seems to be out of print, and expensive,
    but worth looking for.

11. SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE-(1993)- Tom Hanks
    & Meg Ryan- Outstanding romantic comedy--pure
    light-hearted entertainment.

12. NOTTING HILL- (1999)- Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts
    Ordinary guy falls for celebrity girl. Can this work?
    Light fare for a pleasant evening at home.

13. RETURN TO ME-(2000)- David Duchovny-
    You'll love this tale of second chance love and
    happiness. The lovers have something in common...

14. CIRCLE OF FRIENDS-(1995)- Chris O'Donnell-
    Set in post-WWII Ireland, this sweet and
    insightful love story is for true romantics...don't
    forget your hanky!

15. SERENDIPITY- (2001)- John Cusack & Kate
    Beckingsale. They fall in love after a brief meeting,
    then abandon the romance to the whims of fate.
    Starry-eyed romance, warm and fuzzy Chick flick.

16. SOMEWHERE IN TIME-(1980)- Christopher
    Reeve & Jane Seymour- Superman + beautiful
    woman + haunting music + flaky magical plot =
    endearing and entertaining cult flick.

17. LOVE STORY-(1970)- Ryan O'Neal & Ali
    MacGraw- Dated but classic tear-jerker. If you
    saw it in the 70's, rent it now to bring back
    those memories...

    Harrison Ford & Anne Heche- Lighthearted,
    predictable action-comedy-romance.  Great fun
    to watch, and he'll probably enjoy it, too.

    Julia Roberts- A classic chick-flick--fast-paced,
    slick and classy---and pure fun to watch.

20. SHADOWLANDS-(1994)- Anthony Hopkins &
    Debra Winger- Unlikely pairing works! Sparkling
    and powerful true story, beautifully filmed.
    Another rare DVD, but worth looking for.


    BEST DATE MOVIES small love heart with arrow piercing it BEST CHICK FLICKS
                ACTUALLY SIT THROUGH)


1. TITANIC-(1997)- Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate
    Winslet-Astounding blockbuster epic--a must-
    see future classic.

2. SWEPT AWAY-(2002)- Madonna- Forget who
    stars in this one. Just sit back and enjoy a
    charming love story that will make you laugh out

    Steve McQueen & Faye Dunaway- A somewhat
    dated but stylish adventure. Worth re-watching
    for the erotic chess match between the two lovers.

4. THE HORSE WHISPERER-(1998)- Robert
    Redford-Beautifully done film about a
    traumatized family's spiritual journey back to
    life. If you love horses and romance, this one's
    for you!

    Bullock- Enjoyable romantic comedy! An entertaining
    film that guys will like, too.

6. ANNIE HALL-(1977)- Woody Allen & Dianne Keaton-
    A classic genre film. Funny, passionate and romantic...
    and pure Woody...

7. DR ZHIVAGO-(1965)- Omar Sharif & Julie
    Christie- Bet you haven't seen this in it
    and settle back for a delicious (and long) Russian
    soap opera set in the snow. Awesome on the wide-

8. YOU'VE GOT MAIL- (1998)- Tom Hanks & Meg
    Ryan--Light comedy-romance about two business
    owners who hate each other... not realizing that
    they have "fallen in love" over the Internet

9. AMERICAN BEAUTY-(1999)- Kevin Spacey-
    A brilliant, thoughty, entertaining piece that
    will amaze you both.

10. AS GOOD AS IT GETS-(1997)- Jack
    Nicholson & Helen Hunt- Quirky, witty and
    delightful. A real treat for men and women

11.  WHEN HARRY MET SALLY-(1989)- Billy
    Crystal & Meg Ryan-Romantic comedy--very
    funny performances--clever script--thoroughly

    Hugh Grant-A sleeper that turned into a classic
    romantic comedy-delightful!

13. BRAVEHEART-(1995)- Mel Gibson-
    Alright, not strictly a romance, but included
    because it's so GOOD... and highly watchable
    with your Honey...

14. WITNESS-(1985)- Harrison Ford-
    Top-notch entertainment...a terrific thriller...and
    what a kiss between the two!

15. THE PRINCESS BRIDE-(1987)- This Oscar-nominated
    spoof on fairy tales is intelligent and classy. We love and
    recommend it!

16. ALWAYS-(1989)- Richard Dreyfuss, Holly
    Hunter & John Goodman- Poignant, bittersweet
    film. This elegant love story will be enjoyed by
    your guy, too.

17. THE BIG EASY-(1987)- Dennis Quaid,
    Ellen Barkin- Enjoyable crime-caper for the men...
    Sexy, steamy romance for the women...
    New Orleans for the atmosphere...

18. 8 SECONDS-(1994)- Luke Perry-
    True story of rodeo great Lane Frost...
    highly watchable fare. Tight wranglers
    and Stetsons for the girls... Sex, booze
    and fighting for the guys... Oh, yeah,
    there's a good love story in there, too...

19. MOONSTRUCK-(1987)- Cher & Nicholas
    Cage-Delicious romantic romp--Italian style...
    A light-hearted and entertaining "night in".

    Nia Vardalos- I know you've heard of it...
    but have you seen it? Ignore the reviews
    and watch it! Original, fun, moving... a
    delightful rom-com.

    BEST DATE MOVIES & BEST CHICK FLICKSsmall love heart with arrow piercing it

1. THE NOTEBOOK- James Garner & Gena Rowlands
    Great love story that spans the years; a sleeper.

2. RUMOR HAS IT-Kevin Costner & Jennifer Anniston
    Romantic comedy based on a true rumor

3. SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE- Jack Nicholson &
    Dianne Keaton in a funny love triangle

4. PEARL HARBOR- Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett
    Dramatic and emotional, entertainment of the
    first order...

5. SHALL WE DANCE?- Richard Gere &
    Jennifer Lopez with some fancy footwork and
    dreams of romance

6. THE MAJESTIC- Jim Carrey
    Interestingly different for Jim, will hold you
    'til the end.

7. SOMETHING NEW- Interesting, intelligent
    romantic comedy

8.  THE WEDDING DATE- Bound to become a favorite!

9.  HER MAJESTY, MRS. BROWN- Rent it today... highly
     entertaining fare, not readily available for sale.

9.  THE IMPOSTORS-  Period comedy set on an ocean liner
     in the 1930s.  This sleeper is funny!

                                                big bucket of buttered popcorn for the movies


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