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Ideas for a fun date...

We'll tell you the truth... There's not a whole lot of substance to this section. However...we feel that humor is so very important to the survival of any relationship, that we gave it it's own page. And added a new section to help you folks add adult play to your down time, The Slightly Naughty Playroom. Don't miss it!

Take a minute right now to examine your love relationship. Are you guys having fun? Or have you made love a serious business?

You must...take the time to play...joke with one another...find ways to have fun...explore the lighter side. This is soooooo important! Laughter softens the "bumps in the road"...and helps you weather the storms... together.

                                                   beautiful rainbow after the storm



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            IDEAS FOR A FUN DATE small love heart with arrow piercing it
                  OR A NIGHT IN 


Ideas for a fun date...

  • Take a bubble bath together...light candles and get
    a rubber ducky or two.  
                                                        rubber ducky youre the one
  • Raining outside? Turn off the lights, turn on soft
    music... and make love. Afterwards, go out and stomp
    in the puddles.
  • Set up a tent in the back yard. Gaze at the moon and
    stars together...then to the sleeping bag early.

               cute love tent under the trees and moon

  • Make chocolate chip cookies together, and eat them
    warm with cold milk
  • Rent bicycles (get a bicycle-built-for-two if you can
    find it) and go for a ride out in the country... take a
    picnic lunch.
  • Visit a playground at night... swing on the swings...
    take a bottle of cold champagne.
  • Go buy a kite and find a good place to fly it, together

                                                   colorful kite for a couple to have fun flying together    
  • Find the nearest paintball park and sign up... blast
    each other! Good stress relief..
  • Play time! Go to the toy store... buy squirt guns, silly
    string, yo-yos, paddle balls, hula hoops and marbles...
    play with them all.
  • Play a board game together, like scrabble,  monopoly
    or chess.

  • Go to a carnival, county fair or amusement park...
    act like kids... play the games, ride the rides, eat
    cotton candy and funnel cakes... look for the house
    of mirrors...and tunnel of love... 

                                               tunnel of love for fun and romance

Ideas for a fun date...

  • Go bowling or skating or play miniature golf 
  • Get tickets to a comedy club
  • Stage your own personal wrestling match... with
    baby oil and a protective spread for the bed.

              YOU GOTTA PLAY!  small love heart with arrow piercing it
              NAUGHTY PLAYROOM

                           open door leading to bedroom

Yes, we do "touch on" sex in here...

We wanted to keep our website classy and rated "G" if your 12-year-old peeks in'll be okay.

BUT, we also felt it necessary to touch on the physical side of romance. Sex is such an important element in any long-term relationship... you must pay attention to it! Put forth some effort... get creative... make things fun and exciting. Your partner will love it.

But why put it (sex) in the "Humor" page? Because, it's funny! Do you get all serious and somber during love-making? Well, stop doing that... Now, think about this for a minute... the two of you... rolling around in the sheets... stark naked...Now THAT'S FUNNY!

                                           cute smiley face

Ideas for a fun date...

Inside, you will find some great, creative ideas, and tasteful selections to get you started...they enhance romance, explore sensuality, and encourage play... start today!

  • Romantic & Revealing Games & Kits- Are you ready
    for this: Strip Chocolate, 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex,
    or Lover's Spa Kit?
  • Kid's Stuff- (adult play)- black lights, edible oils,
    imagine... Glow-in-the-dark body finger-paints!

That's it, guys... now go have yourselves some fun! Ready?


                        open door leading to bedroom fun and games

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