Love hurts, but endings rock!

by Grace
(San Fran, California)

I was just in junior high. Me and this boy loved each other for the longest time, ever since kindergarden.

We were on and off, we have always told each other we will be in love with each other forever. We always fought over dumb things (I wish I wasn't like that).

Through summers it was really sad. He was on and off with one of my close friends and I. I wanted him to choose NOW. I couldn't help but hurt him and I cried EVERY SINGLE night just for him. Just wanting to know that I still love him. Well a year later it was 7th grade he was dating a different girl.

I did not have enough feelings for anyone else to be with. I knew I loved him. I know I was really young but I knew he was the one. I wish now he knew how I felt, so bad. But letting him go was the only way I knew I wouldn't hurt him anymore. I'd rather have him be happy with someone new than being with me and getting him worried all the time.

I hated my life ever since I let him go.

During my middle school years I couldn't stop crying and thinking of him each night. This one night I cried too much because I saw him with this one girl. I usually don't get jealous. I just really missed him.

I cried too hard when I went to sleep and I had this thing I forgot what it was called but it's when you think so hard about something that you can't breathe...

Now I was a freshman. I went through 8th grade dating this boy I liked but not much enough to love. He was very sweet, kind and very funny. I broke up with him during the summer because I didn't want to love him anymore. I still love my other ex instead of him. I still had my deep feelings for my other one.

I cried every night thinking about how my life couldn't be without him. I regretted doing what I did. But that was the best for him .. I think...

I finally thought and thought about being with him. He had just broken up with his new girlfriend. We got closer and talked more.

I told him how I felt of him still and then we just stared into each others eyes and he leaned forward and kissed me.
I was so happy I started to cry..
I felt as if I was the happiest person alive.
I had my baby back.

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