Love marriage

by A
(UK )

Hi Stella,
I have recently married the guy I love. I think the connection is more from my side than him. I was the one to propose him.

Things went well , we got married a couple of months ago. One night we went to a friend's place for Christmas where all of my husbands frnz also joined us. My husband was badly drunk.

I noticed that he was staring at one of the girls (his friend ) many times during the time till we were at the party. After our drinking and dance was done, I saw him sitting very close to that girl on sofa, his hands around her shoulders , both of them murmuring something and looking in her phone. It was time to leave.i asked him almost 10 times to get up from that place but he turned a deaf ears he was badly drunk and probably that's the reason was not understanding anything.

But I am broken. After seeing him sitting so close to the girl and his constant checking her out has literally broken me. What should I do ?

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by: Stella

Well A, Alcohol can make people do crazy things so if this was only a one time thing then I would not read to much into it. Stella

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