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MOOD MUSIC...       

It goes without can enhance romance and encourage intimacy...

You know how certain songs "take you back" to a sweeter, gentler time in your life? Well, create your own new "nostalgic moments" with these romantic music CDs.

                                                           a shiny colorful compact disc of mood music

Of course, there's tons of 'em out there, and we realize music is very much "up close and personal"... So, we've just picked some of our favorites... truly an interesting assortment of romantic, sensuous, and erotic CDs.

And here they eclectic array... for making love... a romantic candlelit dinner... or a relaxing Sunday morning with your baby...

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       TOP LOVE SONGS...HOUSE PARTY/TECHNO  small love heart with arrow piercing it   


                           lovers lounge                                                             

Lover's Lounge (Intentcity)- Sexy and soulful with a hint of techno...Enjoy "sexy chilled grooves, trance inducing world beats and tantalizing melodies". Where the erotic meets the'll love it!      

Rhythm & Pleasure (Rip Rowan)- Written with passion in mind, this CD is a fusion of jazz-funk-electronica-mood music. Quite cool...hard to define...imaginative and sensuous.

Mushroom Jazz 4 (Mark Farina)- Smooth, bumpin' trip/hop jazz...hardcore houseparty... urban dance and rainy-day-jazz all rolled into one. Experience it!

Nude Tempo I (Miguel Miggs)-Your DJ puts together one thoroughly sexy, techno-jazz-fusion assortment! "Party in a box"...


          TOP LOVE SONGS...ROMANTIC JAZZ  small love heart with arrow piercing it   

                            cool dude playing sexy sax

Caliente (Gato Barbieri)- Fiery, passionate, sexy sax. Maybe dated, but a masterpiece, nonetheless. Spin this disc in your bedroom one hot and sultry night.

Push Push  (Herbie Mann with Duane Allman)- Allman contributes a solid guitar base to Mann's sweet, erotic flute. This traditionally romantic album is a smooth jazz classic.

Featuring saxist Stan Getz and Brazilian singer Astrud Gilberto, this CD is a wonderful balance of jazz and soft Latin rhythms. Experience classic Bossa Nova at it's best. Perfect for an urbane, sophisticated evening sippin' martinis on the rooftop. Remember "The Girl from Ipanema"?

After Midnight- (Nat "King" Cole)
Must-have CD showcasing the King as a serious jazz pianist. A great album for a romantic evening or a cosmopolitan gathering. Swinging, Baby...

The Best of the Verve Songbooks: Lovesongs (Ella Fitzgerald)
No listing of great romantic jazz would be complete without Ella. This beautifully arranged album will melt the heart of any listener.

Kind of Blue (Miles Davis)
Okay, so Miles can be a little "out there". But this is often referred to as "the jazz album for people who hate jazz". Great for chillin' on the couch in a darkened living room after the guests go home.

                    TOP LOVE SONGS small love heart with arrow piercing it
                      RHYTHM & BLUES  

                            man playing the blues on his guitar under lamppost

Reptile (Eric Clapton)- It's sexy. It's light. It's dark. Listen to it by candlelight... on the massage table... One of our all-time favorites.

Astral Weeks (Van Morrison)
No self respecting collection would be complete without this work of art! The album is a soulful mixture of folk, blues, jazz and classical. It's passionate and tender... and solidly romantic.

Barry White- All-time Greatest Hits
The finest collection ever assembled by the velvet-tongued balladeer. Practically a punchline when it comes to seductive soul. Orchestral but funky.

Al Green- Greatest Hits
Romantic, gritty and sexy, this excellent CD defines 70s soul. Al Green IS love. A great mood-setter for the R&B fan.

Let's Get It On- (Marvin Gaye)
The title track is a "masterpiece of seduction". Unmatched for it's sensuality and sexual energy. Maybe a little too direct for a first date, but perfect to stoke some already-smoldering fires.

               TOP LOVE SONGS  small love heart with arrow piercing it
                   CLASSICAL/SOFT SOULFUL

                           silhouette of man in tuxedo conducting symphony orchestra

Bolero (Ravel-- London Symphony Orchestra)-
Exquisite, elegant, yet bold and inspiring...the perfect foreplay interlude. You'll remember it as the theme from the movie "10".

Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto #1- by Van Cliburn
One of the greatest piano concertos of all time. More romantic than erotic, but a must-have.

Romantic Adagios--Various composers
Awesome for candlelight dinners or snuggling by the fire... also great for elegant de-stressing.A great mix of classics from the Romantic period.

Johnny's Greatest Hits (Johnny Mathis)
His best album of favorites, this CD flows seamlessly for 30 minutes of soulful, classic romancin'. Stayed on the charts for a decade, and for good reason...

Frank Sinatra- Greatest Love Songs
The "Chairman of the Board" at his best... silky smooth ballads that will take you back to a kinder, gentler time.

                  TOP LOVE SONGS small love heart with arrow piercing it

                           silhouette of guy and girl swing dancing

Power of Love- (Madacy #2)- Eclectic mix of artists...Nice collection for a trip down memory lane... soft and pretty tunes to put you in the mood for love.

One & Only Love Album- Various
Pure vanilla...pure memories...crisp copies of nostalgic classics. If you ever fell in love in the 70s or 80s, this one's for you. If you're a girl.

I Love You Because: Famous Country Love Songs
A boxed set of 42 classics for the country-lover in you. Included are the traditional heartbreaky ballads, but the whole collection is amazingly passionate and seductive. "Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone..."

Everlasting Love Songs- MCA (Classic Country)- Set the mood for style.

             TOP LOVE SONGS...NEW AGE  small love heart with arrow piercing it

                            mystical girl looking up at the stars magical night

Music for Lovers (Stephen Halpern)- Sensuous, mystical, a fitting tapestry for serious love-making

Enhancing Intimacy (Stephen Halpern)- Exotic and erotic, this lush and lovely CD is entwined with subliminal suggestions to promote intimacy and caring.

My Music for Massage (Various Artists)
Soothing and beautiful backdrop for a sensuous massage

Music for Massage: The Light Touch for Health & Harmony
Lay down for your massage and take a wonderful, relaxing trip down a lazy river.

                                         small love heart with arrow piercing it

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