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Self improvement ideas...

Uh oh! Sounds like work, doesn't it?
Well, we promise to lighten it up for you. Somewhere in here is a little treat--- a cool section to provide some much-needed comic relief.

No one can nag you into losing weight, quitting smoking, or getting yourself clean and sober, can they? It has to come from YOU--- your own inner resolve to turn your life around. You have to want to help yourself, not do it for someone else...

You CAN quit those bad habits, shed some pounds, get some exercise and a little sunshine, work on that wardrobe. And doing so WILL change your life. It's truly an exciting thing, once you get going. You'll feel proud of each day you stick with your new plan. And that confidence will grow and show !
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Before you get to work, take a few moments to read these cool articles. They'll give you a little shot in the arm!

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth!!!
The Donkey in the Well
A Handy Anti-Wallowing Device
The Mayo Jar and 2 Cups of Coffee

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Self improvement ideas...

Okay, we know...diets suck! And so what if you're a few pounds overweight? ("He should love me for what's inside"). That may well be true...but help your cause here...shedding those extra pounds will make you more attractive..
powerful red magnet to attract things ...
get it?

So make the decision. You're not going to "try to diet"... you're going to "lose weight". How? Eat less food. Seriously, it's that simple. You'll have to put the awesome power of your mind to work on this one...
pink brain with lightning coming out of it Look at it this way...
Food should not be for comfort or a reward, or a way to pass the time. Food is not a scarce commodity, to be hoarded and consumed before it disappears. Food is simply fuel for your body. Eat too much, and you store that extra fuel in your batteries. Re-think this whole eating thing, and you'll be on your thinking yourself thin!

Now, be forewarned... it's slow-going at'll take time to see do it in secret, and stick to your guns!

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After a while, 3 things will start happening:

  • The pounds will start to melt away
  • You'll start to see little shavings of cottage cheese
    (read:fat) come off those hips as you stand in front
    of the mirror
  • The compliments will start to trickle in: "Have you
    lost some weight?"

And, man, oh,'ll be music to your ears! Then, you'll really start to get into'll be excited at the possibilities...your resolve will harden...YOU CAN DO THIS! And you'll feel more energetic, sensual and attractive, to boot. you want that piece of cheesecake... or the new, trim, sexy YOU? The choice is yours...

piece of lush and fattening cheesecake with cherries

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Self improvement ideas...

I guess we made it sound pretty easy, huh, losing weight? Well, simple it is, easy it's not. So don't get sucked into those quick-loss fad diets or worse yet, pills. They may work short-term, but they just don't last. Why? Because they don't help you learn better ways of eating. They don't educate you on the permanent lifestyle changes you can make to help you stay slim... forever.

All of us here at FL-KL have tried several different diets over the years. And, so, we have decided to recommend only ONE diet plan for you. Why? It's simple and accessible, with a common-sense approach... and it works. What is it? Weight Watchers.

Once you've been in the program for a while, you will forever know how to eat smart, without referring to charts or weighing portions. You'll just know that fast-food burger with 27 grams of fat will cost you a lot more than 99 cents.
fattening big mac

Weight Watchers is available locally if you prefer a personal support-group setting (and the success rate is higher this way). Log onto their website at® to find a local chapter.

The site also offers "Weight Watchers e-tools", nifty interactive tools, weight tracker, recipes, and tons of online support to complement and reinforce your local program.

But... if you prefer to "go it alone", then sign up for "Weight Watchers online". You will have access to a wealth of practical info, all the tools and other goodies to help you succeed. There's even a point counting program available for your palm pilot! (The wonders of science).

P.S. There is a reasonable monthly fee for all of the WW programs.

*Not convinced? Click here to read our excellent in-depth review of the Weight Watchers diet plan.

And read what Consumer Reports found out about the WW plan.

*Well, if all else fails, keep smilin', there's always the Purina Dog Chow Diet!

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cigarette smouldering in ashtray yuck
Self improvement ideas...

No, we're not gonna nag you about smoking. No one ever quit because they were nagged into it. Never. It happens inside your head. One day it just dawns on you what a waste it is. A waste of time, money, lungs and lives...

Smoking is just not logical. Remember when you went camping as a kid? You loved roasting marshmallows over the campfire, but when the wind changed direction...yikes! You ran to get out of the smoke, didn't you?

roasting marshmallows over a campfire
So now, why would you intentionally suck smoke down into your lungs? Just doesn't make sense, does it? Some of us here used to smoke, but eventually kicked it. We don't claim to be superior because we don't smoke. We just want you to consider it. Quitting wasn't easy, but we all agree it was worth it.

By the way, we've never heard anyone say wouldn't date someone because they didn't smoke... but sure have heard them reject one simply because they did smoke. We've come a long way, baby... and you truly are limiting your "pool of potential partners" by smoking. Think about it.

See? We said we weren't gonna nag!

Alright, as promised, here's the link to
a great section in our blog that is chock-full of comic relief! Visit this spot regularly, as we constantly add fun items to brighten your day. Now, this stuff is funny !


Quit Smoking Tips from the CDC

--Your tax dollars have provided a great resource here with
strategies to help you quit. --- Click on "Freedom from Smoking",
down near the bottom of the page. Web-based
smoking cessation support 24/7 from the American
Lung Association

MISERY IN A BOTTLE/ green bottle of wine

colorful pillsrazor and rolled up dollar for cocaine abuse

Self improvement ideas...

Nag, nag, nag... no amount of it will help here, either. You already know how wasteful substance abuse is. If you have a severe addiction, then get medical help--- going "cold turkey" can be dangerous, even fatal.

We here at FL-KL care about you, and encourage you to get rid of the demons in your life without delay. Priority one! Go ahead, we'll wait right here 'til you get back...

fierce and scary red demon

We present below some excellent on-line help for you---


Self improvement ideas...

Need more motivation
to quit (or cut down on) your alcohol
intake? Check this out (*warning, not for the faint-of-heart:
contains graphic depictions of harsh reality):
Love them margaritas!

Now for some serious online help: --- tons of information
and help. Click on "Is AA for you?" ---An online
support blog; "Someone cares"

QUITTING DRUGS ---A 4-point program for kicking
drugs. Explore this site for face-to-face and online
mutual help groups. ---Web of Addictions--Facts,
links, meetings and other help, an award winning
resource -- Narcotics Anonymous website, with basic
info, helplines, where to find local groups.

...because you can't feel love if you're numb...

Slim, clean and sober? Excellent! Carry on...

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