Stress coping technique...

You hear it all the time, don't you? The way to emotional and physical health is to reduce stress. Sounds great, but do you really know how to do this? Simple, practical, effective means to lower your stress and anxiety levels? It's not like you can go home, sprawl out on the couch, flip a switch... 

           light switch for instant stress relief and presto!...instant calm!

If only it were that simple. But it's really not that hard, either. In this section, we share with you a handful of super stress coping techniques we practice and believe in. We feel coping skills are crucial to your pursuit of serenity...happiness...and of

Below, you'll find the following stress coping technique:

              1. Exercise- a short pep talk
              2. Secret Ultimate Tool Revealed   
              3. About severe anxiety and clinical depression
              4. Change of life? (A must read for women)
              5. Help from above (For everyone!)

        STRESS COPING TECHNIQUE #1 small love heart with arrow piercing it

Stress coping technique...

You know the drill... check with your doctor first. We don't want you hurting yourself. Then, go for it... start with walking. You don't have to go sweat buckets in a gym or fancy (expensive) spa. Just get out in the fresh air and sunshine...and walk, jog or bicycle. 

Exercise for 1/2 hour, every other day. Why not every day? Because, if you go every day, you'll get sick of it and quit! You know you will. Start slowly and build as your endurance grows. Who knows? Maybe you'll get into it, and start entering marathons...
                                         marathon joggers getting exercise
Exercise is crucial to your well-being. Find what you like and make it a permanent part of your life.


        STRESS COPING TECHNIQUE #2  small love heart with arrow piercing it

Stress coping technique...

I'm about to let you in on a little secret here, a quick and simple technique that will change your life... a lifeline to sanity, if you will, in a world gone CRAZY...
                                           crazy girl needs stress coping techniques
Now, you may be skeptical that something simple could cause such profound improvement in your life... but I promise you, if you make a commitment to this practice, give it a chance, you will not be disappointed. So what is this secret stress coping technique?


DO NOT let the word "meditation" scare you away. This has nothing to do with Indian swamis or zoned-out hippies...
old hippie sitting ready to meditate

...this has to do with emotional survival. It is "hands-down" your best tool to finding peace... happiness... and love. It unlocks your creative energies, provides calming serenity and enhances your quality of life.

Meditation is not a religious discipline. It is a medically proven technique that provides physical stress relief and a healthy alternative to mind-numbing drugs and alcohol. It decreases your heartrate, breathing rate and blood pressure. It lowers anxiety levels and can decrease insomnia, fight infection, and help in weight control. Read this article  for a little more about the scientific support for this practice.

The benefits are profound... physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And yet... it's so simple to do and easy to learn.


Have we got your attention? What exactly is meditation? Quiet close your eyes and quiet your mind... gently returning your thoughts again and again to a simple focus of attention. That's it! For 20 minutes of quiet-time per day--- twice daily is better yet. The repercussions will astound you.

All of us here meditate. I find that sometimes I tend to slip out of the practice...then come to realize that I am tense--- anxious---stressed-out. Then it hits me! "Yeah, okay, you haven't been meditating lately". And I'm flooded with relief when I remember that I still have a safety net... meditation. It pulls you out of the pit...and never fails you...


Guided imagery
is a very simple, effortless way to enjoy the benefits of meditation by simply listening to recorded relaxations. These are great, and this is one program which we found very effective for quelling anxiety: Soothe Anxiety Now!


   picture of book cover meditation achieving peace 
"Meditation: Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility in Your Life"
             -by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

If you're interested in starting meditation quickly and easily...get this little book. It's a quick read that explains what meditation is and how it benefits you mind, body, and spirit. Also included is an excellent CD--- 20 minutes of guided imagery to get you started in meditation technique. We call this one the "love meditation".


       picture of book meditation for dummies   "Meditation for Dummies"
                                 by Stephan Bodian

For a more in-depth guide...meditation explained...getting started, troubleshooting and fine-tuning. This book delves into different forms of TM in an interesting, readable manner. Explore various techniques and find the one that's right for you... the best Chapter is  #10--- Opening your heart: love, compassion, and forgiveness.

       STRESS COPING TECHNIQUE #3small love heart with arrow piercing it


Stress coping technique...

Do you feel like you have more than your share of anxiety or depression? Panic attacks, obsessive, scary thoughts, excessive worry or sadness? 

                                                     very sad and depressed girl needs help with stress

Then do yourself a favor. Take time out now to rid yourself of these ugly, life-wasting habits that control you and make you miserable. Start with your doctor. Have a frank talk with him or her about your problems. Sometimes medication is just the ticket. And please get professional help immediately if you ever have suicidal thoughts. 

Although studies show a prevalence of these psychological conditions in women, men suffer from them too...   


Stress coping technique...

There are many tried-and-true natural remedies for combating anxiety and depression. Before you spend lots of money on psychotherapy, and possibly get dependent on dangerous drugs, start with simpler, safer alternatives first.

You may be surprised to find that these techniques and homeopathic cures work wonderfully for you. (They did for us). Read this excellent article to learn more about taking control of your anxiety problem: Natural Remedies For Anxiety.

So get going today!  Get things under control, then c'mon back to our program!


                       grieving man crying

Now a word to those of you suffering through bereavement. If you have recently endured the loss of a special loved one, our hearts go out to you. We are so very sorry for your loss. May we suggest a website that provides support and strategies for dealing with life's greatest trial?


      STRESS COPING TECHNIQUE #4 small love heart with arrow piercing it

tress coping technique...

Yeah, you know...menopause. Those of you coming close to or already in the throes of menopause... listen up! You can let this most natural phase of life drag you down... or, you can look at it as a...

                       very happy fetus inside womb waiting for rebirth
This can be a fantastic opportunity for change the direction of your life...for the better.

A must read for you:

        picture of book the wisdom of menopause

"The Wisdom of Menopause: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing During the Change"   --By Dr. Christiane Northrup

What a resource! A treasure-trove of truths, coping suggestions, and alternative healing treatments. As the good doctor writes, you come to realize she is talking about you. And she tells you in plain English how to "Grow...or die".

BTW, no matter what stage of life you are in, here's one thing absolutely every woman needs.  But we've been knowin' that!


        STRESS COPING TECHNIQUE #5small love heart with arrow piercing it
                 HELP FROM ABOVE    


Whether you ask for help in finding the right partner, or in keeping alive the magical spirit of love between you and your mate...No, prayer is never silly!

Inviting spirituality into your heart can help you cope...not only in romance, but in all areas of your life. Surrendering to a higher power is a sign of strength and wisdom...not weakness and defeat. I don't know about you, but I need all the help I can get!

And it's an easy thing to do. Just ask... with an humble heart... give yourself up to your God's care... plead for grace... and you will be provided for. It's that simple.

                                 praying mantis asking for help
I never considered myself a very religious soul... I figured I was doing  just fine, coping with loneliness in my usual "strong" manner...'til one night, in the depths of my despair... I "let go and let God". And guess what happened? The burdens lifted from me immediately! I had finally figured out I couldn't handle it all by myself anymore. And I was no longer alone, from that day forward...

                 storm passing leaving rainbow and happiness

We feel this is a most important step for you... learning to cope. If just one of these stress coping techniques helps you... then our job is done.

Time to move on to Step 4?  (A new look for you).
This one's fun...

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