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Whew! We just went through some heavy-duty house-cleaning, didn't we? So now, you're getting your weight under control, practicing stress relief, and working on those bad habits, right? You're lighting candles, finding quiet time and getting help from above?

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Most excellent... now it's time for some fun! We're going to do a complete free online makeover on you...

  • hair
  • make up,  and
  • wardrobe
                 Yes, a new do for a new you...

                                                 black woman with cute braids smiling at her new hairdo

Your friends will be amazed, and so will you. Wearing the right clothes, with properly applied make up and a flattering hairstyle can increase your self-esteem enormously. Knowing you look great on the outside makes you feel beautiful inside. And that's important. Your happiness will spread to those around you. And it will be a great help in your quest for true love.

So do whatever it takes to look your best. Focus on and play up your most unique strong points. And learn to smile--- enthusiasm covers up many a physical flaw. In a recent study of men, when asked what attracted them to certain women, most revealed that it was their smile that did it... what a simple way to get ahead in the game of love.

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                 HAIR---A NEW DO? 

Let's start at the top---your "crowning glory". Just how glorious is it, really? Study your locks in the mirror. Is there room for improvement?

                                    woman looking at her hair in a mirror
Visit our Hair Salon for pointers on getting the right cut and style, online virtual hair makeovers, finding the right hairdresser, hair care pointers, and three books for your "new library".

                              Enter the  HAIR SALON 

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               SKIN CARE AND MAKE UP

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This section is great! We touch on skin care basics, and reveal inexpensive but excellent products for a daily regimen. Here you'll find help with cosmetics, some fun online "makeover" sites, a couple of books to check out, some cleanliness and grooming ideas, and great resources to help you with teeth or breath problems....

                        ENTER THE MAKE UP SECTION

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Coco Chanel once said  "Dress poorly and people will notice your clothes; dress well, and people will notice you." And so it is...clothes make the man (and woman), you know...

                                                 pretty girl wearing nice dress in garden

Time to revamp! This project is going to take some time, planning and a little jack- $$... But we have a great plan of action to guide you along...

                            1. Find a PFA
                            2. Clean out that closet
                            3. Plan your new wardrobe
                            4. Let's go shopping!



We hope you have taken your time exploring this section of the Help Desk. We put a lot of hard work into this guide--ideas and resources to help you improve your appearance...from head to toe.

This free online makeover is provided to help you put together your own personal style makeover. What does all of this have to do with love and romance? Finding and keeping true love? Everything. Taking care of your physical appearance promotes a better lifestyle and enhances self esteem... the first step towards bringing a healthy and enduring relationship into your life.

Of course, this section concentrates on women... we require more maintenance, unfortunately. But the principles go both ways. Men, you need to take a good hard look in the mirror, too. A great and stylish haircut, strict hygiene, and some new threads will help you in your quest for true love, too.

The woman who looks polished and well-groomed, sounds alluring, touches with warmth, and projects a sunny disposition gets the consistent attention of men. Old-fashioned advice? Maybe, but it's still timeless and true!

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Ready for Step 5?
    (Where and how to meet men)? (Gulp!)

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