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Alright, all you book worms! This section is for you...

  • Tired of losing in the game of love, and need to find out why you do?
  • Want to learn what makes relationships tick?
  • Or do you just like to delve into the deeper, more philosophical side of things?

We recommend the following volumes for further  study. Dig a little deeper...

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book men are from mars relationship advice 

 "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,
The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite  Sex",

                  -by John Gray, Ph.D.

It really is a classic. No longer the "latest", yet timeless. We highly  recommend this book, a practical manual for creating loving relationships. Understanding is the key to success in love, and this guide provides amazing insights into the inner workings of the opposite sex.  Find out why men are like rubber bands, and women are like waves...

book opposite sides of the bed on men and women          "Opposite Sides of the Bed",
                                   by Cris Evatt

Do you really want to understand the opposite sex? Then get ahold  of this fascinating book. Each page is a new expose', backed by solid research. The author also offers practical solutions to "bridging  the gap". Validates some things you've always suspected, and offers  some surprises as well. Fun to read!

book the art of loving      "The Art of Loving",  
                              by Erich Fromm

This book is based on the premise that love requires knowledge and  effort to develop. You must learn how to love. This classic  psychological treatise simplifies the meaning of love. A slim volume, and an easy read, it delves into all forms of love, not just romantic. The book is as relevant today as it was in 1956.

book make up don't break up for relationship help   

"Make Up, Don't Break Up;
Finding and Keeping Love for Singles and Couples",
            -by Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil

An excellent in-depth guide by one of America's best-known relationship therapists. She teaches you "smart heart" skills, and helps you understand why relationships fail..... and shows you how to save yours.

book love sweeter love   

"Love Sweeter Love; Creating Relationships of Simplicity and Spirit",
         -by Jann Mitchell

And it's a sweet book, full of interesting stories and homespun philosophy. We learn to prioritize in this book, to simplify our lives and therefore make the time to savor love and enjoy life's sweetest  moments.

book getting the love you want how to find love     keeping the love you find

       "Getting the Love You Want",
         &  "Keeping the Love You Find",   by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.

This program is actually a workbook for couples wanting to improve their relationship. Is your marriage or love relationship worth saving?  Then try these bestselling guides. They are based on Imago Relationship Therapy, and provide steps and exercises to help you  find your way. It's quite a deep journey that may AT LAST help you  break with the past and grasp for a happy future together!


"Dating people relationship advice"... Is that the 'net search that landed  you here? Well, welcome...

We need your help here. If you have a favorite guide that has helped you in your quest for a loving relationship, let us know about it (email us). We'll give it a once-over and possibly include it here in our  "Love Library"...c'mon, guys... share the wealth!

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