Love Will Wait

by Stevie

When I was a senior in high school, I took a liking to one of my friends that I had known for awhile. I had a boyfriend that was away at college, so I started hanging out with my friends more, and so on. My one friend in particular I took a special liking to. He made me feel as if I was the only person in the room. He was so sweet, I really tried very hard not to fall for him, but I did, and hard.

One day we are sitting on one of our other friend's porch, and he tells me that not only is he in love with me, but he's been in love with me since the first time he saw me way back freshman year of high school. Four years! It was crazy. Anyway, I ended up breaking his heart. I decided to remain faithful to my boyfriend who was away at college instead of being with him. He stopped talking to me altogether. I felt so horrible. We stopped talking for 5 years.

Fast forward those 5 years. I recently broke up with my child's father, and I went out to a bar to go see my younger brother play in his band, ya know, just to let loose and have a good time. I'm sitting at my table, and in walks a very familiar face. It was Mike! We hadn't talked in 5 years. We would see each other in passing on the street, but never say anything to each other. And, now, wow, he was at the same bar as me.

I got really nervous. Starting shaking. I didn't know whether or not he would talk to me, or just pass me by. I played it cool, and went up to dance. He watched me. His eyes followed me everywhere. He finally came up to my table, and smiled. He said hi, I said hi, and we started chatting. Later on, we went for coffee, and I gave him my number. I couldn't believe it. He got even more gorgeous than he was in high school. I had butterflies that entire night.

The rest my friends, is history. He tells me the very next day that he thought about me every single day for those 5 years. I melted. I couldn't believe it. Now, a year later, we are still together and he and I are getting married. He is my soulmate, and I should of known 6 years ago that he was the one for me.

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