Love with the colleague

by Meena

Hi Stella..
Its been one year that i have started working..and in these months, i have developed crush on my colleague, senior to me.. he is a very decent and sober by nature..very intelligent and is someone i always look upto..
Whenever, i think of someone i am going to spend my life with, he is the one whose name and face flashes to my mind..there is a lot of pressure of marriage from my family before taking the plunge of spending my life with a complete stranger, I am thinking to talk to this person.. Because I feel that we spend a major part of our day at work and we very well understand each other's positives, negatives and develop a great level of understanding with our colleagues..
But yes, two things i would like to tell u here..One, there seems to be no such sign from his side..but i just want to take a chance..and secondly..he is a very very sober and mature person..and will never going to disclose this thing to anyone..for sure..
Plase Stella..Help me out..kindly advise me if I am right..

Answer from Stella:
Dear Meena,
Love is what makes the world go round! I think you should take a chance and talk with the guy you love instead of marrying a complete stranger.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain...
Hope this helps!

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