I have a big problem, can you give me some advice, please ? ?

There is a girl (who i still love) that i met 3 years ago when i was really really shy and i had problems talking to her. Now I'm a totally different person, very relaxed and talkative person, and i have no problem talking to and having fun with any girl, but when it comes word to that girl, my shyness returns and my mind blocks in front of her, we make short conversations with some pauses...

Please help :D ?

Answer from Stella:

It is not uncommon to find yourself tongue-tied when speaking with a special friend!

You will just have to keep at it. The more often you are with her, the easier it will be to talk to her. Why not make the leap? Ask her out! Then, before the date, take some time to write down some subjects to talk about and questions to ask her. Get her talking about herself, her past history, her hobbies, her favorites (favorite food, movies, music, etc). (but don't take the written list with you on the date ;)

This should get you started, things should warm up and become easier once the ice is broken.

Good luck and Hope this helps!

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its normal...
by: someone

hi there......from my experience...i think its normal when we are shy every time we met the one we love or the one we like...i had that situation too before..its really-really awkward...but after that, after i go home, i will keep on smiling because we will had that feelings only with the one we love or the one we like...

Give yourself time to know her better.....then you will be more relaxed....if you are too shy, why don't you just concentrate on your conversation rather than you just think about your feelings on that time...i am pretty sure you will be more okay....and maybe you can give her hint about what are you feel just know....and maybe your good life will start begin......i hope so....good luck!

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