magic cherub with bow and quiver of love arrows
 The Magic of Love ...
 Okay, more fun and games...


What? What's all this alternative stuff doing in the middle of my serious self-improvement program? You must have missed the Love Astrology page...

We explained there why we have included these sections for you...Fun & Mystery........You gotta play!
                                                            little girl playing dress-up in her moms clothes and jewelry

Besides, a woman must be a little exotic..... and mysterious..........

                   exotic and mysterious woman draped in black

We knew a woman who carried around a smooth, round stone... in her pocket or purse... ("To absorb the negative energy"). Honestly, she was perfectly sane otherwise...just carried a rock, you know...

          smooth polished stone      Sure intrigued her boyfriend...

The Magic of Love...
There's a little bit of magic involved when it comes to love. And I don't know about you, but I'm a bit superstitious myself... (can't take any chances, you know).

I had heard about Feng Shui from a friend (yes, our resident astrology expert) and I studied up on it... read a couple of books... cruised the information highway...

It's quite an interesting notion, actually, that arranging things and having certain items in your home can affect the energy flow within the space...and affect relationships as well...

Well, I was at a low (lonely) point in my life, and figured, "Why not? What do I have to lose?"  So I tried it, I feng shuied my whole house... crystals, red candles, threw out the dried flowers from my sister's wedding, the works...... I won't even tell you what I put behind my washing machine...

           washing machine with pink blouse going thru ringer (Well, it was in the relationship corner
                                                of my house)

And guessed it... HE entered my life, and we're still
together six years later. Coincidence? Maybe so... but I'm a
believer... in the magic of love!

You can play with these practices as games, or take them deadly serious... either way, we give you a brief history of the art, then make some recommendations to get you started... so have fun, and good luck!


  THE MAGIC OF LOVE ---TAROT   small love heart with arrow piercing it

     Tarot is a time-honored art (over a thousand years old) of
     divination. This ancient  practice involves the interpretation
     of a symbolic deck of 78 cards. The "reading" gives one
     insight and helps to achieve control over relationships,
     opportunities, and life issues.  (Learn more about Tarot)

                                                           tarot card of water bearer

      THE MAGIC OF LOVE --- RUNES   small love heart with arrow piercing it

Runes is also an ancient system of divination, used by the Vikings over two thousand years ago. It involves the use of stones into which are carved ancient alphabetic symbols. The stones are "cast" or scattered, and then interpreted. The practice is much more than just a fortune-telling device. It is believed that it mirrors the inner subconscious mind, and so becomes an adventure in self-discovery and spiritual awareness. (Explore Runes further)


     THE MAGIC OF LOVE --- FENG SHUI   small love heart with arrow piercing it

     Pronounced "fung shuway"... now this is really old stuff. 
    Over three thousand years old, it is the ancient Chinese
    practice of placement to achieve harmony with the
    environment. It has its roots in the Chinese reverence
    for nature and belief in the oneness of all. Feng Shui is all
    about happiness, love and harmony; arranging your space to
    enhance your life. (Delve into the mysteries of Feng Shui)



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