...the best love poem...

"Putting pen to paper lights more
    fires than matches ever will"...
     - Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990)



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Poetry!  Does the word bring back bad memories for you? Were you forced to memorize "Hiawatha" and recite it in front of your 5th grade class?  

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Well, fugettaboutit! Our little poetry section is strictly for fun...recharge your spiritual batteries...and nurture your romantic side.

     POEMS & QUOTES & STORIES, OH MY! small love heart with arrow piercing it

For some great love poems or quotes, or true love stories,  you've come to the right place.

Boy, do we have the goods! We present here some of our favorite soul-stirring poems, thought-provoking quotes, and inspirational stories of love gone right.  Borrow them for your lover... or just enjoy them for quiet reflection.

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(Guys, this is a treasure-trove of romantic poetry to share with your girl...yes, YOU...sensitive and caring man that you are...try it... she'll like it!)



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         BEST LOVE POEM OR QUOTE small love heart with arrow piercing it
               OR TRUE LOVE STORY 


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POEMS--Rest your weary soul here:
    True love poems
    Soul mate poems
    Best love poems
    Sad love poems
    Short love poems
    Best wedding poems
    Poems to say "I'm sorry"
    Poems to say "I love you"

QUOTES-- Clever and oh, so true!
    Cute love quotes
    Sad love quotes
    True love quotes
    Relationship quotes
    Quotes to impress your Honey

LOVE STORIES--True tales of true love...
    A great and inspirational collection of essays...
    about love gone right!

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used
        by mankind"

                        -Rudyard Kipling (1865--1936)

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