marriage advice

by krishy

I have been married for 2 years now but my husband and i don't get along well for the last 4 months, we quarrel a lot and he says that i want to behave like the boss and that i nag at him.
Also he hasn't touched me for the last 4 months, when i asked him he said he doesn't feel for a woman he doesn't erect anymore.

Answer from Stella:

Dear Krishy,
It sounds like he is angry and frustrated over what is happening to him physically, and he is taking his anger out on you.

I am not sure what resources you have where you live, but I can only tell you what I would advise a couple in this situation in the States... he needs to see a doctor. There are medications that can treat his dysfunction.

I do believe your marital problem is caused by his physical condition. Best of luck to you.

Hope this helps!

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