Marriage for Money?

I am 24 and have been married for 5 months. I married for money, not my husband's, but my father-in-law's; who promised to help my dad out with some business problems if I married his son. My father-in-law and I are the only ones who know about this deal.

I saw my husband as a nice guy, but not marriage material. I didn't feel a spark, but agreed anyway. I put off sleeping with Scott until our wedding night. At that time, I learned that he was great!!! in bed. The sex was incredible.

I come from a family that lost most of its money when the real estate bubble burst. I am married into a family with money; however, Scott does not have access to it and insists we make it on our own.

Worrying about budgets and spending is new to me, but I am trying. Money meant something to me once, but now, other than wanting to see my Dad back on his feet again, I don't care. I will make mistakes and overspend sometimes out of habit. Scott will fuss at me if I go over our budget.

In every other way, he spoils me terribly. I get flowers and love notes for no occasion. He will insist on getting up in the middle of a cold winter night to go to Walgreen's just because I have the sniffles.

Not to be cold, but like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, I have come to enjoy what he does for me. Our weekend morning sex can stretch into the early afternoons. During the days, I am thinking about our nights.

Scott is so funny. For his birthday, he didn't want me to buy anything. He just wanted me to strip for him like a scene we saw in a movie. He will be giddy because he's got a "gal with big boobs".

Now, I am haunted by my reason for marrying Scott. For a number of reasons, I am worried he may find out about his Dad and me. I don't know how he would take it. I don't want to lose him. What should I do?


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I would come clean.
by: Stella

Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

If I was you, I would come clean with Scott and apologize heartily. He WILL find out one day, and your deception almost surely will end the marriage.

He might not want to continue even if you do confess now, but that is probably your best bet for saving the relationship.

BUT, that being said, just how solid is your marriage anyway? You say you love the sex, but you never once said that you love him. It will be hard to sustain a long-term marriage born of deceit and thriving on physical attraction only. That fades, you know.

Good luck to you, Lauren, and it sounds like you have a jewel for a husband. I hope things work out for you guys.


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