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I have been married 25 years and have found out my husband has signed up to a nasty porn site with pictures and videos and can communicate with others members on the site. I have been dealing with the porn issue with him off and on through out our marriage, when confronted he either denies it until presented with evidence apologizes and says it will never happen again,that it is all in the past. I thought things were good until I found all this out. At first I thought I had to worry about older women, and then women my age 40s, and then 20s and then teens and now I find out he's looking at preteens, he's nearly 50 years old. I'm just sickened by the whole thing. I'm a housewife and haven't worked in ten years. What do I do? I just can't take all the lies anymore. I need advice fast this whole thing is just eating me up alive. Please help !


Answer from Stella:

We often get submissions from women describing the same situation as you. These men are addicted to the porn sites, and need help.

I will not advise you to end your marriage. But I will say that if I was living with a man who was involved with child porn sites (that's illegal), I would insist that he quit and attend counseling or I would leave him. Period.

Hope this helps!

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