maybe there really is no fool like an old fool ...

by Joshua Banks
(Orlando, Florida)

48 hours ago, I was on a dating site, when this women initiated a chat with me. Having been scammed 3 or 4 times already, I pretty much now know a lot of the signs when being approached by a scammer.

She asked for my text number, but I declined, but then I finally & reluctantly gave her my personal email, as I was curious where all of this was going, and I figured I could maintain better control of our communications via email, in case she really was a scammer.

So, now it's been 48 hours, and we've been corresponding about 4 hours a day. I became suspicious when she revealed that she was currently in the military, and based in a part of the world where scammers are abundant. She, however, maintains that her being in that part of the world is just part of her assignment.

After these 48 hours, I still won't give her my text number, so thus far, we've only communicated by email. But it gets worse ...

I originally posted on the dating site as being 55 ... she is 30, although I very quickly, within the first few emails, revealed to her that I am actually significantly older than 55, even though she had already seen my recent photos( I look much younger than my true age )

However, this hasn't dissuaded her in the least, and she seems to think she & I have a future together, meaning, she wants to eventually marry me and start having my babies !!!!

I've never been married and I have no children, so I have to admit, the thought of a somewhat cute(but not beautiful) 30 year old woman wanting to marry me and start having my babies is intriguing & very compelling, and it would make up for a lot of the mistakes I've made with my life, up until now.

However, we don't seem to connect that well via our email correspondence, but maybe that's just one of the inherent downsides of only communicating electronically. But also, I keep looking at her photo, and I keep asking myself, "do I see myself with this woman"(?) ... And the answer keeps coming back ... "No" !!

Truthfully, the only thing that keeps me responding to her emails is the thought that she might very well be my last chance to redeem myself ... to at long last have the normal( albeit late ) marriage relationship I never had, and maybe even kids.

Additionally, I've also been considering the financial consequences of raising children. I've already secured away my retirement nestegg, and I will probably need that money to supplement my social security, and see me through my old age.

If I was actually in love with this woman, this would be a whole different ball game. I'd probably already be making the arrangements for the life we would start building together. But, I keep looking at her photo, and I keep asking myself that same question, "do I see myself with this woman"(?) ... And the answer still keeps coming back ... "No" !!

So, maybe I just answered my own question.

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by: Stella

Dear Joshua, One of the advantages of your age is wisdom. And yes you did answer you own question. Stella

Update On "no fool like an old fool"
by: Joshua Banks

Okay, so it's me, Joshua Banks again, just here to give everyone a quick update:

I stuck it out with this woman for 7 days, and hardly a day went by that, somewhere inside of me, I didn't feel like something was not right about this online relationship. But, on day #4, she even sent me photos of her in her military gear, standing next to military mobile units, supposedly on her base.

Of course, looking back, her purpose in sending those photos was to add legitimacy to her intentions and to her identity, ... all for MY benefit.

Then, on day #5, while texting back and forth with her, she claimed to suddenly be getting ill with pains, and that she would have to suspend texting me, while she was rushed to the base clinic.

On day #6, she resumed texting me, letting me know that she would be alright, but that the doctor had put her on very expensive medication, which she would have to pay for out of her own pocket. ... My suspicions were growing darker by the minute, 'cause I could already see what was coming next.

Finally, on day #7, while in the middle of one of our texting sessions, she once again brought up her new medications, so I told her to come right out and tell me what she wants. But, instead, she tried to quickly change the subject ... but I continued to press in. I repeated my question to her, because I wanted her to text it to me, as a matter of record.

So she finally asked me what I had been waiting to hear her say for the past 7 days, that she needed me to send her MONEY.

I immediately turned my phone off, and I never looked back. If she tries to make contact with me again, I'm going to report her to the FBI's Fraud Division ... and who knows, even if she doesn't try to contact me, I might still notify the FBI, just so the military knows what kind of a soldier they have within their ranks.

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