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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : Romance News : Never Marry on the Rebound... The Tragic McCartney Love Story

Never Marry on the Rebound... The Tragic McCartney Love Story

     paul and linda mccartney

Paul & Linda... a fairytale romance

You would think that a beloved millionaire celebrity cult figure would know better, wouldn't you?

But it seems that fame and fortune did little to prevent Paul McCartney from making the same mistake a lot of us mere mortals have... marrying on the rebound. Paul was married to Linda Eastman for 30 years, before her death to breast cancer in 1998. Four years later, in 2002, he married Heather Mills, a model. I guess you can't really say that four years is exactly "marrying on the rebound". But in this case, apparently, it was.

In a recent heartfelt online tribute, one of Linda's longest-standing friends (who was not named in the article) revealed a little bit of the private side of the McCartney's early life together, which explained why Paul's second marriage was doomed to failure.

Linda's friend explained that Linda was Paul's "soul mate", their marriage a once-in-a-lifetime matchup that is unlikely to ever be equalled again in Paul's life.

Linda was Paul's rock, a most steadying influence in a crazy celeb life. She was as down-to-earth as a root vegetable. Not that she looked it. Although not conventionally glamorous, her face had a distant beauty and serenity.

Linda was the first to admit that she was the strong one, that Paul was often in awe of her, that she never held back when she felt he needed a good ticking-off. She fiercely guarded the privacy of her family, always putting her husband and children first. She never got caught up in the glamorous celebrity lifestyle.

Linda reminisced to her friend about The Beatles' break-up. She revealed that she alone had nursed Paul through it, and through his falling-out with Lennon, which nearly caused him a nervous breakdown. "I calmed him down after all the Beatles madness," she told her. "He used to thank me all the time for putting the sense back into his life".

Linda said she couldn't imagine Paul being with another woman, if anything happened to her. She was matter-of-fact about this. She wasn't saying that Paul shouldn't marry again, but simply that she couldn't imagine him doing so. She told her friend she'd got Paul to live a simple home life, get back to basics, respect family traditions like birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, to settle on a proper set of values.

"I still love Paul as dearly, of course, if not more than ever. We have never stopped fancying each other, not in all these years. Paul says that's the key to our marriage, that's what makes us tick. I hope so. I rather like the idea of being a sexy old lady! I'm older and wiser now, and my eyes are more open to the world", Linda had said in the past.

Sadly, Linda was diagnosed with and valiantly battled breast and secondary liver cancer for a couple of years. She passed away on April 17, 1998. Paul cried like a baby in friend Geoff Baker's arms after he lost her. Geoff revealed that Paul had cried every day for two years after.

Linda McCartney was the polar opposite of Heather Mills, whom Paul married in June, 2002.

Geoff, usually a cool character, was severely agitated at the wedding. He reportedly stated,"It's a f*****g disaster, this wedding. He shouldn't be doing it, but it's gone too far for him to get out of it. All anyone can do now is watch it fall apart."

In 2006, they started divorce proceedings, and it makes you wonder what Linda would think of it all. Paul adored "Lin" to the end of her life, and it would be a miracle for him to find such love twice in his life.

The worst mistake he made was in racing to replace her. It was an impossible task. Heather had noticed the chink in his armor and rushed into his broken heart. Then she broke it some more. Such a tragic story.

Give it several more years, Paul, you might not ever replace Linda, but you may one day find some degree of happiness with another woman. Just don't marry again. All that money is obviously a complication in your quest to find love and peace again.

     paul and heather mccartney

Paul & Heather... a sad attempt at replacement

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