Miracle By Chance (How We Met Online)

by © Jeannette Gardner – December 15, 2007

Read update at the end....

Read update at the end....

This is a “true story” about how I met my boyfriend on a dating site on the Internet.
15 YEARS AGO: I used to hang out at a country bar called the “Club Palomino”. I loved listening to good bands there, and dancing to their country rock music. I used to drag my friend out to see my favourite band playing called “Cheyenne”, who were amazing and always packed the place. My friend and I used to get up and dance to their songs. I was interested in the rhythm guitar player in the band, to me, he was the best looking one, and I loved his voice along with his rhythm guitar sound. Yes, I had the “hots” for him and would goggle eye him playing his guitar/singing while I was on the dance floor, or just standing at the bar listening and staring. I’ve always had this thing for bands as I play guitar too, and always wanted to play in a band. They played there for a long time and were the best band at the “Club Palomino”. I would go there as much as I could just to hear them play, and of course, always watching my favourite player. The sad part about it was I used to see him with a short blonde girl, not knowing if she was his girlfriend or wife.

After seeing them playing there for a long time, the “Club Palomino” closed down. Yes, the club had been sold. Wouldn’t you know it a huge townhouse sub-division was put up and the club was gone. So were all the bands and my favourite band, “Cheyenne”.

When I first found out about the club closing down, I wanted to approach “Cheyenne”; particularly the rhythm guitar player and ask where they would be playing in the future. But I didn’t have enough courage to do that. I guess things happen for a reason.


As time went on I met someone and got married. That was a mistake. Eventually we got a divorce. I starting going out to bars, again, got tired of it and not meeting anyone decent enough. I wasn’t crazy about the bands playing at other bars either. Later, a friend told me to join a particular dating site on the Internet, which I thought I would never do. But, I thought I would check it out for fun as I heard so much about it through people even meeting their soul mates from that site. Surprisingly enough, I had a few dates, meeting in public places, but just didn’t find the right one and thought I never would from a dating site. I sort of gave up on it until one night. After getting home from a bar, which I hated, I went on my computer. For some reason I logged in that site again which I was really glad I did. I got an interesting email from a guy and liked his picture. I was also touched by his email and that he was also interested in my picture and profile. From then on we started emailing each other quite a lot from that site. We seemed to have so much in common through our emails. We continued writing and eventually got on MSN, and chatted for quite some time. He was Bulgarian and I was Hungarian, how common was that! We discovered from our MSN chats that we had so much in common. It was really amazing. Our families even lived in the same town of all places. We chatted every night as often as we could.

And then, a miracle happened! We started chatting on our computers about music. Wow…we also liked all the same music and we both wrote songs. I told him I liked country music and used to frequent a particular bar about 15 years ago, which had closed down. Of course he asked me the name of the bar back then. I told him the “Club Palomino”. He was really surprised and told me he used to play there. I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not! He said he would send me a picture of his band that played there. I thought, “yeah right” to myself as I waited patiently in front of my computer for the picture. Low and behold, a huge picture came up on my screen, “CHEYENNE” “CLUB PALOMINO”. I freaked! I couldn’t believe it! It was him in the picture with “Cheyenne”. The guy I was interested in who was the rhythm guitar player in my favourite band. I was so shocked that I went crazy seeing this picture! It was just unbelievable! Like a miracle happened suddenly! Like a fairy tale! We carried on chatting every moment we had for some time, and eventually he gave me his phone number. We started talking on the phone every night. It was just amazing all the things we had in common about everything! Yes, it was too good to be true!

After about 3 weeks of talking on the phone every night, chatting on the computer & exchanging pictures, we decided to meet. I was brave enough for him to pick me up at my mother’s place as I developed this trust in him, by his voice and his honesty. I met him downstairs in front of my mother’s apartment building. He got out of his car, and the first thing we did was look at each other and start laughing, and laughing like crazy, and couldn’t stop laughing! He took me to the local Canadian Legion where we talked, had a drink together (still laughing) and we got more acquainted. Eventually we went into another room and sat down at a table. After a while, he asked me if I didn’t mind if he got up on stage to do a solo. Hey, a man singing with his guitar was like being in heaven. He got up on stage and started playing his guitar and singing in front of an audience. That did it for me. I was hooked! And the guy I admired 15 years ago was performing in front of my eyes, and, was my date! I was in heaven!

We dated for about 2 years and it was absolutely wonderful. Eventually we bought a condo and have been living together for 2 ½ years now. Then, the final surprise! After moving into our condo, we looked out the window and to our astonishment what did we see? The office building of the dating site we joined of all things! What a coincidence that was! In March of 2008, it will be 5 years being together, playing music, and still laughing! We are just two peas in a pod!

He met my friend who I was with at the Club Palomino 15 years ago, and he also remembered seeing us dancing while his band “Cheyenne” played. He also remembered me standing at the bar at times. I used to watch him go to the bar for his coffee and I know our eyes met each other’s at that time. It sure is strange crossing one another’s paths some 15 years ago - and now, being together in a different time in the future, and remembering!

And by the way, that short blonde girl he was with at the Club Palomino, was the girl he eventually married which lasted 8 years. He went through a brutal divorce. He did tell me that when I first saw him at the Club Palomino 15 years ago, that I should have approached him and told him “she was bad news”. It’s funny how life is – it just wasn’t meant to be back then. Fate brought us together. We met our “soul mates”!

Thanks to that Dating Site!
Jeannette & Rick

Jeannette has since provided links to songs both she and Rick wrote. If the links don't work, just copy and paste the URL into your browser address window and hit enter:




This amazing true love story has really caused a stir among our visitors. What a tale!

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Dec 31, 2007
Best Love story I've ever read!
by: TJ

Dear Jeannette,

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your story... it gives hope to the rest of us "lonely hearts" out there!

Congratulations on finding your true soul mate!


Jan 01, 2008
A beautiful romanic story
by: Patricia G.

I just finished reading your story on how the two of you met and how it turned out. It really is a wonderful thing on how fate and love can turn out. I do believe that the two of you were meant to be and fall in love. It's too bad that it took 15 years in the making. I do think it was meant to be. You both look happy and especially good together. Now you have the rest of your lives to love and grow with each other. Hold each other's hand's and share your dreams. I'm very happy for you both. "Happy New Year"!!

Jan 09, 2008
by: AA


I truly got goose bumps anticipating where this story was going.

It's amazing how much we endure in our lives to finally get to a stage where we're meant to be, and it's so obvious you and Rick were meant to be.

You are a beautiful couple.
All the best to you both.

Jan 18, 2008
Hi Jeanette
by: Wendy

Your story really is amazing! Glad you were able to find your soulmate. Maybe there is still hope for me....Wendy (Dr. Singh's patient)

Jan 21, 2008
by: Brittany

That story is amazing Jeannette!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes to have such a wonderful love story to tell of my own one day!

Jan 22, 2008
by: Jennifer FM

Hey Jeannette, What a wonderful story, it's a story that can give anyone hope for love.
Congratulations, on finding your soul mate, it took a while, but I can see from your lovely picture it was worth it.

Jan 23, 2008
Really.... a true love story
by: Anonymous

Awesome story. I hope you guys live happily ever after.

Jan 24, 2008
Wow -story gave me shivers
by: Romina

That is a great inspirational story! As I am currently single, that story gives me hope that I too will find my soul mate as I place my trust in God. Things do happen for a reason. We got to trust & believe!

Jan 24, 2008
True LOVE Stories
by: Rebecca

That was really a Valentine's happy ever after story.
YOU REALLY are meant for each other no matter what. I WISH you more luck and happiness in the future together. KEEP that LOVE growing and glowing.

Jan 25, 2008
Your story brought tears of joy to my eyes!
by: Harmony

I gotta tell you, this story should be made into a movie. There won't be a dry eye in the whole theater, but they will be tears of joy.

Your story reminds all the lonely hearts out there that there is hope, that you can find someone wonderful even after having a bunch of lousy dates/relationships, and that your "ship will come in" if you have patience, honor and trust. Be true to yourself and never compromise your values, and Love will prevail in the end!

Jan 25, 2008
I love the story Jeannette & Rick
by: BB

I have a similar story of meeting a soul mate who I am sure we crossed paths many times at tradeshows and then finally met.

We have been together for 3 years now and as in love as when we first met.

Congrats to both of you.

I know Rick and know what a stellar man he is and look forward to meeting you Jeannette as I have heard so much about YOU!!!


Jan 25, 2008
I thought this only happened in movies.
by: Anonymous

A story I would only expect for hollywood. It's good to hear that something good came out of the internet for a change.

Thanks for sharing your story Jeannette. I work with Rick and we've become pretty good friends and share a laugh every now and then. He's always telling me that not all men are &^^$%3, He'll know who it is from that line.

Your relationship was something that was just meant to be.

Jan 25, 2008
Hold On Tight!!
by: Anonymous

What a lovely love story. While you might think that perhaps the two of you lost out on 15 years together, there must be a reason why you were meant to wait. Perhaps you needed to get through the garbage relationships, to truly appreciate each other now. Hold on tight!!!!

Jan 26, 2008
This story won a prize!
by: Stella

Hi Readers,

Jeannette's cool story won a prize! What great feedback from you all in the comments...

Why not post your own story either here or in "Gifts For Lovers" or "Romantic Getaways"? We will continue to award great prizes for the best ones.

By the way, I figured out that Rick has a website where he shares his music and songs he has written:


Jan 29, 2008
Hope is alive
by: Sandra

Beautiful story. The best to you and Rick.

Jan 31, 2008
by: Anonymous

Once again, wow!!
That is an incredible story and the two of you seem very happy in your picture; you make a very handsome couple :D
I wish the both of you the best of everything in your futures and this story restores some of my belief in fate. Who would have thought 15 years later you'd meet that man of your dreams? And that he even remembers you and your friend dancing at the bars all those years ago, wow!
It really is a small world; when you mentioned that your condo overlooks the building of the dating site. If that's not a sign I don't know what is? haha. Congratulations on all of your happiness, I wish you and your guitar player many more years of love!

Feb 01, 2008
Great Story
by: Debbie

What a great love story Jeannette. I am so happy for you. Kevin met his wife through a dating site also and is very happy. All the best to you.
Thanks for sharing,

Feb 05, 2008
by: gk

How Cute!! And really destiny brought you guys together.

Feb 05, 2008
Amazing story
by: Zerina Derveni

Beautiful Story! Who would of thought that after 15 years u guys got together and are now dating. Good luck with everything and I really enjoyed reading that. Shows how everything happens for a reason.

Feb 14, 2008
It was meant to be!
by: Cindy

What a great story! This should be made into a movie.

Thanks for sharing.

Mar 05, 2008
Like a fairy tale
by: Steph

Jeannette!!! OMG!!! You're story of how you met Rick is something that you would only ever see on the movie screen! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS REALLY HAPPENED TO YOU! I can't believe you used to watch him play at that club so long ago and everything worked out in that path the way it did!

It is like you two were supposed to end up together! AND YOU DID! I really think you should write this in a movie script form and submit it to some film company because OMG this would be such a romantic wonderful movie! It actually gave me tingles! I hope I meet a guy the way you did one day!!!

Mar 07, 2008
by: Anonymous

that was a sweet story..

Mar 12, 2008
by: D.L.


I am so glad that you told me about this story. It is a beautiful one! Fate truly did bring the two of you together. I suppose dreams truly can come true!

Mar 26, 2008
Hi Jeannette!
by: Lisa

Hi Jeannette,
So sorry for not commenting on your story earlier - I did read it, just hadn't gotten the chance to write you! Anyways, thank you for sharing your wonderful story with me and with others - it put a big smile on my face and it is so inspirational and uplifting to read about something so amazing happening by "chance" ;). Love is truly a mysterious but wonderful thing, and it is awesome that you have gotten to experience something like this :). Enjoy it, as I know you are!!

- Lisa

Mar 27, 2008
The Soul Mate Journey
by: Gloria C

Jeannette your love story is inspiring!

You and Rick were both destined to marry someone else as that journey is what led you to know what true love really is.

Fate works in mysterious ways and you and Rick are truly blessed to have not only found your true love but your soul mates as well.

All the best to you both as you keep playing and laughing together. Life is good:)

Apr 04, 2008
Confirmation of my goals.
by: Nela

Thank you for giving me the website and allowing me to read your amazing story.

I understand whole heartedly what you both have gone thru and also continue to be very hopeful in remarrying.

Wishing you many more blessings.

May 27, 2008
Finally read your story
by: Jane P

Great story Jeanette....Thx. for sharing!!!

I cleaned out my purse and found this website written down with your story.

Very HAPPY for both of you!!!!!

Keep smiling.

Jun 17, 2008
A very beautiful and amazing story...
by: Anonymous

I am so happy for you and Rick! Keep smiling and shining Tina x

Jul 30, 2008
by: Sri


Reading your story is reason enough for people to revel in the most beautiful thing, Hope. Hoping for love and happiness after a period of turbulence and having the patience and will to believe in it. Salvation lies within.


Aug 07, 2008
...Life is full of surprises.
by: Jessa

I love the story. Things really do happen for a reason.
See you at the office! lol
(yes people I KNOW HER! =D)

Aug 09, 2008
Hey Aunt Jeannette
by: Rechele

What a great story! I'm family and I didn't even know that much about you two! I'm so happy that you are happy (now you need to find me a man!) ha ha ha

Sep 24, 2008
Amazing story!
by: Claudia

That was a great story, Jeannette! I am so happy that even after various ups and downs in life, love still prevails! You look great together and so very happy and this is a great lesson in patience, timing, and true love. I am going to stop being impatient and just wait for love and find comfort in the fact that we have all the time in the world for things to fall into place. I won't give up! Thanks again for this and I will be by to see you soon!

Jan 14, 2009
What a Great Story!
by: Cathy from the clinic

Hi Jeanette,
Truly meant to be! Congratulations to you and Rick, and here's to a lifetime of happiness! Everyone should believe in miracles!

Aug 14, 2009
thumbs up
by: mhean

Hi there,,, very sweet story,,, it's really true that every hings happens for a reason, i don't believe that fairy tales do come true but after reading your story it changed my belief,,
good luck for both of u,, wish u more love with each other,.

Sep 20, 2009



Dec 06, 2009
Miracle By Chance
by: Jeannette Gardner

We recently got married on Nov. 21/09!

Dec 15, 2009
by: NMML,anonymous

I am so deeply touched by your story and happiness. I also got married this year and wish to have a greater connection as you have built so lovingly, patiently.

Wish you the very best in life.

Jan 21, 2010
Nice Story!
by: millet

I am delighted at reading your love story found through the net. I wish someday i will find my one true love too.

Sep 02, 2011
by: hopesup

Indeed inspiring :)

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