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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : Music, Movies & Books : IT'S A CHICK FLICK… NO, IT'S A GUY MOVIE… NO…


Alright! In a summer filled with mediocre offerings at the box office… we finally found the ultimate date movie… action/adventure/gore/Martin Scorsese for the guys. And for the girls… pure eye candy!

"The Departed" is a robust piece of storytelling and a rock solid Scorsese offering. Top actors with meaty roles. This movie will have girls AND guys on the edge of their seats, engrossed in a gripping tale about the Boston mob and undercover cops.

Okay, girls, here's what you'll see on the silver screen:

Matt Damon in uniform!

Leonardo all grown up (finally)!

And Marky Mark Wahlberg almost steals the movie with funny one-liners. (Any excuse to publish this picture)

Then, you've got the true star of the movie…Jack Nicholson, and there's Alec Baldwin, and Martin Sheen… what a lineup!
Overall - one of the best movies of the year.
Lookin' for a great date movie? Here it is!!!

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