My Ex left behind his stuff and owes me money!

by Sherry
(Canton, OH)

Ok, I know the law, after 30 days it's called abandonment. I am not going into details, just want to do the right thing because I care for this man. I am not looking to get back with him but I don't think that he should get away free after I took him into my home when he had me convinced that he hit rock bottom (DWI/DUI). We had a deal he was to pay $50 a week; no drinking; no porn; church once a week which he kept to his end of the bargain pretty much. He even gave me the money that he made donating blood.

Unfortunately, he went elsewhere and she really didn't care about his sobriety plus he didn't have to give her a dime. So I have his cat and furnishings.

He only texts; I have left messages to discuss this issue which he has not responded. He has texted that he wants his items. Do I just hand over his things and call it a wash? What I would like to do if he would only talk to me is make arrangements for a monthly payment and he will get his belongings when I am paid in full. He owes me 3 months rent and half of a cell phone bill (I got it back). He is working and has only work driving rates. I just don't want to be made a fool of again.


Answer from Stella:

Give him all his stuff and call it a wash... And good riddance! Although the money would be nice, it would come at a price... more hassles and contact with him to try to get the money out of him (you honestly think he's gonna pay?)

If you just give him his stuff as soon as possible, you can close this chapter of your life that much sooner and be rid of this loser for good!

Good Luck and
Hope this helps!

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