My guy friend drives me insane

by Noel
(NY )

Hello I am a 22 year old female living in NY with a huge problem. My guy friend drives me insane. Yes he is a few years younger then me (19) but he confuses me to the point where I wanna rip out my hair and scream. I always have my thoughts about him and can't rid myself of these thoughts.

Four years ago I met him through the computer by luck. After a week went by we were acting like we knew each other all our lives. Soon we begun to text. I could remember there was not a second of the day when we where not texting each other. We tried talking on the phone but we both would clam up. When it came to IM or texting, we could not stop talking.

The year begun to change, I got a boyfriend, and right away I told my best guy friend. "I am happy for you" was all he said to me through text that day in April. He would text me less then, maybe he was hurt or it was because he had his own girlfriend? I would never know.

Finally I told him I had feelings for him....all he said was "we are just friends." After that we stopped texting but it became daily for us to talk online every night. I broke up with my first boyfriend in August. In October he broke up with his Girlfriend. Around that time I met a great guy whom I fell head over heels for. We begun to date, that's when my guy friend begun to get rude and mean to me. He would brag about other chicks to me, or how much he was getting laid.

Twice this past April he texted me in a sexual way but blamed it all on his cousin when I brought it up. I knew it was not the cousin because it was like him.

Once my other boyfriend dumped me, my best guy friend acted his usual self to me. He teases me a lot now, and checks his email everyday, sometimes four times a day for my response. He claims we are just friends, but to me it seems like there is more. Maybe it is the distance? I mean he lives in FL and me NY. Maybe cause he grew up fighting and in a gang. I will never know.

He does have a soft side I seen a few times. "He told me once I have amazing eyes, there was something about them that caught his attention. So please help me. I need a answer because he wont give me one. I always had strong feelings for him, and we clicked from day one. Please Help!


Answer from Stella:
Dear Noel,

Have you ever met this guy in the flesh? If not, there is no way you can have true love feelings from chatting online and texting.

You may like what he says in his messages, but there is no way of knowing if the chemistry is there unless you meet.

I recommend you continue the texting relationship on a casual basis if you wish. But for real live dating and relationships, go for a flesh-and-blood, face-to-face real-live GUY.

Hope this helps!

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my guy
by: Anonymous

i have been in a relationship for 11yrs my guy and i broke up because he said i keep wanting more, during the years we could not afford to go out and now that i suggest it he complains that we never use to go out and when i met him he was a home body, he also suggest i go out with my friends and said that our recreation should just be work and school...frustrated because i love him...

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