My long distance romance issue what do you think?

by Lana
(North carolina)

So I was dating this guy that lived 12 hours away and we were together for 4 months. I went to visit him for my birthday weekend for 5 days, I could tell that something wasn't right with him,my intuition was in over drive. So on my birthday he had left his phone by me when he was in the shower I looked through it and saw that he was texting two girls and talking bad about me saying like I hate when she does this,also he was calling me names like ****. Well I was devastated so I confronted him and asked,he said that's how he vented his feelings,I broke up with him on my birthday. After that I never got the closure I needed he texted me saying it didn't have to be like that I won't forget the good times we had. He then months after blocked me on facebook I still can't help but feel he will never come back to me,what do you think? -------------------------------------------------- Hi Lana,
Never say never. Love is crazy sometimes it can be like a lottery you can win or lose.But it sounds over for now and 12 hrs away is a lot you may want to find someone closer. Good Luck Stella

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My long distance romance
by: kathy

I wouldn't look back stella. You don't need a guy who talks bad about you. that is not what love is. count it as an experience, and move on to find your true love. Remember let love happen slowly, don't force it. Sorry about this.

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