My Parents Disapprove of Him

by Maddy

I'm in love with a guy who is 8 years older than me. I'm 19 and he's 27. He wants to marry me and is willing to wait for me to finish school. My parents disapprove of him because of his age and our different backgrounds.

He didn't finish high school and I'm currently pursuing my bachelor's. He really loves me, and I love him too but the main problem we share is that my parents don't want me with him because of his age.

I know I'm grown up and am able to make my own decisions but I really do care about what my parents think. Whether I like it or not, they do influence my decisions a lot.

Is there anything I can do to change this?

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Age doesn't matter.
by: Stella


Since you are actually an adult, the age difference here should not matter at all. Is it possible there is another reason your parents don't approve of him?
(Do some soul searching about that).

You say you both love each other. And you also say he is willing to wait for you to finish school. Both gives me hope for this situation. You are taking the mature course by waiting to marry until you finish school. You also are showing maturity by listening to your parents and valuing their opinions. But you really are a "grownup" now, and this decision will ultimately be yours, not theirs.

Time will decide the whole matter for you. If after going through years of school, you two still love each other, then it will be "meant to be", no matter what your parents think.

Relax and enjoy the relationship. Make big plans for college. Time will take care of the rest.
Good Luck,


Follow your heart
by: Anonymous

Dear Maddy,

It doesn't matter what your parents think. If you are in love you should stay together. True love is a rare thing, and if you have found it, don't throw it away. So what if he's a few years older? Don't let that stop love.

Oh how nice
by: Anonymous

Listen me dear,
I'm 19 my fiancee 29 :)
Your parents just need time...

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