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         (She Wins!)
       tic tac toe using lipstick. xs and kissmarks                  

"Games are a compromise between intimacy and keeping
  intimacy away."
                                                       ---Eric Berne

Slightly naughty games...
Play is inspiring, rehabilitating and blissful. What a simple but effective way to energize a relationship! Playing with your mate is an essential...So have fun, go wild, and let your spirits soar.

                   two eagles soaring like romantic spirits

In our playroom, you will find:

  • Romantic and revealing games
  • Fun & sexy games & kits (Naughty games)
  • Incredible edibles!
  • Body paints and blacklights


                    ROMANTIC &   small love heart with arrow piercing it
                         REVEALING GAMES   

Now, this is a really cool way to get to know your partner better. This assortment of romantic games is largely non-sexual in nature, designed more to help you two "get acquainted" than to "get intimate". Casually give him one for Valentine's Day or his birthday, then plan for an evening of "gentle romancin"... you might just learn something interesting about that guy that you didn't know before...

                   romantic game, two to tango, naughty game 

Enter here to check out our   Romantic & Revealing Games


                NAUGHTY GAMES  small love heart with arrow piercing it
             FUN & SEXY GAMES & KITS 


Slightly naughty games...

This section is for lovers... or for those who hope to be. Sex is such a very important part of any committed, caring relationship! It takes time, effort... and planning... to keep things spicy and hot. All too often, there's a tendency with the pressures and stresses of modern life to let your intimate life slide... Don't let this happen to you guys! Get some games, kits, "marital aids", whatever it takes to keep your love life fresh and interesting... and fun.... like.....

a lovers touch naughty game for lovers

You gotta see our collection of fun and sexy games in Naughty At Home

               NAUGHTY GAMES  small love heart with arrow piercing it
                        INCREDIBLE EDIBLES!

What more can we say? Here's a great offering of tasty fun for the free-spirited couple. Try your wings on these...

Edible undies, flavorful "warming" oils, tasty whipped creams, and chocolate body frosting... Skip dinner and go straight for dessert!


          body whipped cream for naughty play


   shenga chocolate body frosty for naughty games


     Visit our Incredible Edibles Pantry now....

                NAUGHTY GAMES  small love heart with arrow piercing it
             BODY PAINT & BLACK LIGHTS  

Transport yourselves back in time... when love was free and easy, pads were psychedelic, and everything was just GROOVY, man. Recreate a fun and different atmosphere in your bedroom today. Install a blacklight, hang some cool posters, light some incense, spin some classic tunes...  and make a great escape with some glo-in-the-dark body fingerpaints! What incredible fun... dare to be kids again!   Explore  Black Light Fun here.   

                            flaming love blacklight poster of lovers embracing

We recently completed this section and need your feedback to make it better. Please, let us know how you like these fun products, or if anything disappointed you. Or, if you know of something tasteful, romantic and fun that should be included here,  email us.  We may include your review...
    We treasure constructive input!            

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