Need advice! Going crazy!

by Jaymes
(La Vergne, TN, USA)

Hey, I need advice,

About a couple to almost a few weeks ago, I had met a very beautiful woman on a dating site. She's. 34 year old divorcee with two children, and two jobs, fixing to go back to one, which is her old job. We had talked for a little bit and decided to meet up 2 Saturdays ago. We met face to face, and we had a wonderful time, great chemistry, we enjoyed the night and enjoyed our company together. I told her I really liked her, and she said she liked me too (so she says), and we were going to hang out again. Anyway, we keep talking after we had met, and I noticed everytime I would compliment her, she would change the subject, which doesn't really bother me much. Anyway, we were supposed to see each other again last Sunday, but she couldn't because she couldn't find a babysitter...which I understood...but I personally felt in my heart that I was feeling like I was starting to become pushy, annoying, needy, you know, like I'm rushing something. So, I backed off...she didn't say anything to me or anything, I backed off on my own accord to give her some space. I haven't talked to her for about a week, except to congratulate her on getting her old job back. But other than that, I've backed off from talking to her in hopes she would talk to me again. So far, ive been told I'm doing the right thing...but it's already been a week. I really like her, and I know she's busy with a lot of other things (kids, job), and I have no doubt she's talking to other guys as it is the dating world (makes me kind of jealous if she is), but I really like her, I'm trying to be as patient as I can be...but all of this is really starting to drive me crazy. I need some advice, am I doing the right thing by giving her her space? Am I going about this right or wrong? I just don't know what to do...

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by: Stella

I think giving her space and letting her know you care is all you can do.It sounds like she has a full plate. Stella

Need Advice! Going Crazy!
by: Jaymes

Well...I texted her one last time. Haven't heard from her. As painful as it is, I've got to move on. It hurts really bad, but I hope she remembers how nice I was. I don't think anyone deserves to be left in the dark...if you no longer have an interest in someone, a courtesy notice would be more respected and honorable :/...I'm hurt and angry about it...I understand about what's on her plate, but a courtesy notice would still been easier...

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