need advise please

by john

I was in a relationship for a few months and it got serious very quickly, we lived each other both of us older mid 30's. We were discussing marriage. Her son was killed in an accident, we tried to hold it together but she broke up. 3 months later she contacted me and we are discussing getting back together. During the 3 months, I dated a couple of girls but did not have sex with any of them; she dated someone for a month and a half. She had sex with him twice, at first she said she did not call me because she thought I might not be interested and she could not take rejection at the time because of the emotional state she was in. We are discussing getting back together. The things that bother me are this guy met her family and her and this guy did things together with her kids. (The kids are not mine). My questions are, should we try again?


Answer from Stella:

Hi John,
I think you should keep things very casual and not rush back into a serious relationship. It sounds like she was very honest with you about what happened while you were not together. Why not just have a few dates with her and see where it leads?

Hope this helps!

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