New Relationship

by JEN

I met a guy back in July. I had talked to him once over the phone but we met in person at our friends wedding. He seems like a nice guy. I kind of felt comfortable around him. Since then we have talked on the phone a little more and we even went to the movies together. He lives 92 miles away from me. He comes back to town some weekends because he grew up around where i live. We both have 2 jobs so our schedules don't exactly work out a lot. He has asked me to go to his Christmas party in December. He told me that I am welcome to stay over at his place. I don't know that I feel comfortable with that since we've only known each other for a little while. The problem is how do I tell him that? I don't want him to think that I'm not interested in him. I'm just afraid that if I were to go to this party and spend the night at his house he might expect something in return. I'm not ready for that. On the other hand, I may be jumping to conclusions. Maybe he is a really nice guy who won't try to push me into anything that I'm not comfortable with. What can I do?
Get a motel room for the night. Really.
And don't feel obligated to tell him why.

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