Not a 'oncer ' but ongoing gift

by Jasper

Let your partner know they're on your mind .
Taking another for granted is the death knoll for a relationship .

Much as I like to surprise my woman by sending her a romantic love card every now and again , just to let her know I value her, most of the online card sites are fairly tacky and el cheapo looking.

Here's where I was lucky to find this resource:

.... coz though it's free , its classy. No ugly Ads anywhere!

A dose of Romance goes a long way. Material gifts are wonderful , but a heart felt message out of the blue is real proof of the ongoing connection.

Hope this resource serves you well... Cheers !

ED: I checked out this free site and loved it. the artwork is different. Don't even think about it... just pick one out and send it to your Honey today!

P.S., When you go to type in the email address, you cannot see what you are typing, so get it right as you type. It works.

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