Not keeping words

Dear Stella,

Hi, im 26years old, and i need some advices to fix my relationship problem. I have been dating with this girl for 16 months and i already proposed her and we are planning to get married. At first we had no problem at all and getting along just fine. But the only big problem is im a smoker and she hates a smoker. We have discussed several times and decided i will quit for her. For the last 6 months i tried to bear with it. But sometimes it hard for me so i took some of it without her knowledge. She busted me many times and then i decided not telling her that i smoke. Until one day i decided to be honest with her and she doesnt accept me and tell me im a liar. She asked to break up, and she doesn't care anymore even though i said to her i will change, but she dosnt trust me anymore about this thing only. I have told her many times and tried to convince in many ways but she doesn't let me and too scared to do this relationship. What should i do to make her back again and trust me again?

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