Now She Wants a Second Chance...

I was with a girl who I truly loved, but things went wrong in our relationship and she left me. I practically begged her for a second chance, but she denied me several times.

After awhile I finally got over her; but then I found out that she wanted me back. From talking to her friends, I found out that she hates seeing me with other girls, and now she wants a second chance with me.

Unfortunately, I don't want her back at all. I don't want to hurt her by telling her I want her out of my life. What should I do?

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Forget her!
by: Stella

Dear Anonymous Guy,

This sounds like a classic case of "She doesn't want you, but she doesn't want anybody else to have you". Be very careful with this one. Sounds like you are over her and don't want her back. Sounds like a good idea, too.

Don't take her back just to avoid hurting her feelings! Why do that? Stick to your guns, and move on with your life.

She sounds like nothing but trouble and more heartbreak. Wash your hands of the whole affair and find a more mature woman.

P.S. Quit listening to her friends; she is telling them what to say.

Good luck!

Second Chance
by: Anonymous

Please don't give her a second chance, she's a liar. Maybe she's hiding that she has another guy.

Yea Right...
by: Anonymous

we have the same situation :) but unfortunately, I'm the girl who wanted my ex back. You're such a gentleman, because in my case my ex told me that he's going to play with my feelings when he knew that I was telling our friends that I want him back!

Gosh! Couldn't hardly believe that there's a man like that! He is really angry with me (up to now) when I broke up with him and he moved on so easily...I know my mistakes.

But time passed and I realized that I want him back, but it's too late. And yes it's right because the time when I realized that I still want him back I have a new partner. Maybe I was just missing him? Or maybe my new partner has not yet given me his whole love because we're only beginning

...And now I'm happy with my new life with the one i love :) just be steady; she doesn't deserve you, you're a nice guy! There are women dying to meet a guy like you... don't mind her feelings because it's your choice ;)

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