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Find Love- Keep Love : Romance News : Romance News : Tired old computer? What to do with it...

Tired old computer? What to do with it...

With computer prices dropping and CPU speeds doubling every
18 months, why doesn't everyone have a new computer at least
every year?

Well, I have a theory!

I think a silent fear prevents most people from upgrading
their computers to take advantage of the latest technology.

I believe most people don't get a new computer because they
don't know what to do with the old one!

For example, I just bought a new laptop and desktop
computers and need to quickly figure out what to do with the
old ones.

Well fear not gentle reader, because you are about to
discover some very practical (and a couple of funny) uses
for your old computer.

* "Starter" Computer *
Every kid should learn how to use a computer, however,
investing a thousand dollars in a new computer and monitor
just so "junior" can crash it doesn't rate a smart idea.

Give your old computer to your son, daughter, niece, nephew,
grandkid or whoever needs to learn basic computer skills
without worrying if they crash the machine.

* Give To Charity *
Believe it or not, a lot of people out there can't afford a
computer and would be thrilled to get your older model.

School children especially should have computers to help
them with homework, research and all the other incredible
learning tools computers make available.

WARNING: Make sure to thoroughly wipe your hard drive data
before giving it away.

* Upgrade / Fix Another PC *
An old hard drive might make an excellent built-in backup
drive for your newer computer.

Also, you might be surprised how much all the little spare
parts (fan, power unit, cpu, motherboard) on your "dead"
computer could bring on eBay if you chopped it up and sold
them individually.

* Software Robot *
Many software programs can run unattended on a PC to perform
various tasks such as research, search engine submission,
and more.

Running that software on a "robot" machine in the corner can
save you valuable computing time by taking it off your
everyday work PC.

* "Field" Computer *
I've often wanted to take my laptop with me to the beach, on
the boat, or work on it in the car while my wife prowls the
local mall.

However, my fear of wind, weather and theft by using it
outside my home office usually prevents me from taking it

Though not disposable, an older laptop used only for word
processing or similar tasks rates the "risk" of bringing
along in harsher conditions.

None of these practical uses appeal to you?

Well then take some of these "lighter side" uses for a spin.

PLANTER - That sturdy metal box is the perfect size for
petunias or starting your shade garden while waiting for the
spring thaw.

SPEED BUMP - Tired of people speeding through your
neighborhood well in excess of the posted limits? A well-
placed old Pentium II PC will slow them down!

Regardless of how you choose to use your old computer, don't
set it in a corner and forget about it.

Put it to good use either for yourself or someone else who
could really use and benefit from it!

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