old crush back to haunt me

I am currently in a serious relationship of 4yrs, but I recently ran into an old crush.. I have not seen this guy in 7yrs.. 7yrs... and yet, it felt as though we'd never been apart.. we hang out, talked about the past, an my old crush, only problem was at this moment, it was no longer old it was present.. well things got alittle outta hand and things happened that shouldn't have, we went to where we wanted to be 7yrs ago, but nobody had the guts to say I til now.. now I almost feel like I have been in love with him all this time.. my significant other found out about at least some of it and has forbade me to see him, and now the old flame is mad at me for no reason.. so whatever may have been is gone now for sure I guess, and I just wanna know, how can I continue on this path with my significant other and forget about this other guy? I'm so heart broken that he's gone, but it just wasn't meant to be I don't think.. I just need to know how to move on..



Answer from Stella:

I believe that you are correct when you say this relationship was not meant to be. In any case, it appears to have ended. Let it die, give this time and get on with trying to build a good thing with your present partner.

If this doesn't pan out, perhaps split up, take some time out for yourself and work on your self-love and self esteem. Maybe then you will be ready for a true mature love that is so successful you wont want to risk it by cheating on him.

Hope this helps!

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