Older woman, younger man...

I'm 50 and have been in a love relationship with a younger man , 27 yrs old, who's a graduate student. After practically living together for a year I relocated 320 miles away, about a 5 hour drive. He's not been to visit me these past 3 months. I got upset because he drove 368 miles (6.5 hours) to pick up his mother, for no important reason, and he has to take her back also in a few days.

One reason so she'd clean his apartment for him. Because of religious beliefs he thinks housework is women's work. He would not help me clean when he lived in my home with me just about all of last year. Do you think I should end my relationship with him? He also is about 150 lbs overweight and he will not work on getting more fit/healthy by himself. Not to mention other character/communication problems I have with him.

From Stella:
Dump him. Doesn't sound like a keeper to me.

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by: Anonymous

A full grown adult man who feels that housework is only women's work! Yikes!! Run fast and don't look back.

by: Anonymous

y not

Move On!
by: Travis (AKA) Rebel

I am 23 years old and I like older women because they are very mature, settled down, independent, and sophisticated.

I'll tell you this: do not stay with him. I don't know how old this is, but I was 18 and she was 37 with four kids. I helped out and done everything I could, which she liked alot. It is people like him that makes it so hard for people like me to find an older woman.

The oldest woman I dated was 51, and I was 22 at the time. She had a 35 yr old son. The point is: leave him and move on!!!

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