one sided love

by vaibhav

dear stella
i m in love with one of my close friends.but she doesn't love me nor did she love any one else.
from past six months i m trying to convince her but she never gave me a positive reply.
but now a days i m feeling very frustrated and when she see me like this she get angry thinking that she is the reason behind my frustration which she is.i dont want to hert her but when she see me like this she get hurt though i try my best to be happy but some way or the other she finds the reality and then both of star having a serious arguements so.
and after the last time argument she said she will find anyone else and i fear that she will impose anyone on herself to make me feel that this is the end.
i m very tensd thinking all this i dont want to loose her but side by side i want her to be happy with me or without me that doesn't matter.
please help me regarding my problem

Answer from Stella/Simon:

Hi Vaibhav,
You pretty much answered your question yourself when you said you were "trying to convince her" to love you. You cannot convince someone to love you, Vaibhay, it just happens. She is not likely to fall in love with you as long as you pressure her and act angry and frustrated with her. This will push her away!

Why no just relax and try to enjoy being with her? Maybe if you chill out, things will happen naturally. Good luck.

Hope this helps!

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