Our 8:00 Rule

by Lois
(North Carolina)

During our 2 years together, my husband has always had a soft spot for nudity. We sort of have this understanding or rule that we call our 8:00 rule. This rule is that whenever possible by 8:00 pm my husband likes our day to be done and our time to be just ours. A big part of this is that he likes me nude for the evening by this hour. We don't have any kids yet. So, that is not an issue.

Whether we are in bed or just cuddling up watching a movie on the couch, my husband enjoys this time very much. I try to comply with this to the point that even if it's before 8:00, if we have no other plans, I will go ahead and get naked for the night.

My sister came over the other night at 9:30. When I put a robe on to greet her at the door, she assumed she was interrupting and was apologizing big time. When I tried to make her feel better by telling her we were just watching tv, she said it was disgusting of me to be naked just for that.

Is there anything wrong with this? From time to time, my husband likes me to dance and strip for him. My mom and sister would say I was being exploited. But I don't feel that way. Would you say that I am?



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Shut out the world
by: Stella

Sounds to me like you and your husband have a great thing going. He is not exploiting you... you are loving him.

Your Mom and sister have no clue was is going on in your marriage, and it really is none of their business what you two do in the privacy of your own home.

Tell you sister to please call before she comes over (that is just common courtesy, anyway). She also sounds like an old-fashioned prude. I see absolutely nothing disgusting about cuddling naked on the couch to watch TV.

Carry on, Lois, you've got it figured out!

Right on!
by: Anonymous

I agree! You go girl! You're keeping the excitement in your relationship. Your husband won't get bored with you if you keep that up!

Nothing's Wrong With That
by: Ladyluck

Keep up the good work girl! As long as you both enjoy what you are doing, nothing's bad on it. Some couples are doing even worse than that just to please each other. So..don't feel bad or think anything about it. It will even make your relationship strong. Good luck!

the "marital bed"
by: Anonymous

You're husband and wife... and NOTHING consensual (including a little private nudity) is wrong!

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