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Panic away reviews...

Does Panic Away Really Work? An Honest Review...


I have always been a "worry wart"! Even as a child, I remember "stressing out" and worrying too much about things. I would brood and agonize over the silliest things. My Mom told me to "Snap out of it", and my Dad told me to "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps" (Can you tell he was in the army?)

I tried to explain to them that it wasn't that easy. I couldn't just turn it off. I told myself that I just "felt deeper" than other people did. And it was a curse. I really did envy the other kids... happy, carefree, smiling. How come they didn't worry like I did?

I didn't know it then, but I was suffering from more than my share of anxiety. And it followed me into adulthood, although it came and went. I never did have what I would call full blown panic attacks, but I was often stressed out, and man could I worry. What a life-draining habit! After I had my daughter, I went into a pretty hefty post-partum depression, and the anxiety really intensified.

Panic away reviews...

Over the years, I did try several things to get rid of this thing. People who have never suffered from an anxiety disorder or panic attacks have no idea how unpleasant it is or how helpless you can feel to deal with it.

I tried medication, but quit doing that when I saw my sister (who is addicted to Ativan) "jonesing" one morning when she had run out of her pills. I tried Lucinda Bassett's Attacking Anxiety & Depression Program, and it did help for a while, but it required vigilance and a lot of work to keep using the techniques. It just didn't "stick".

Five months ago, I found the Panic Away  program while "anxiously" searching the 'net for more information about anxiety, and possible cures. I read every word of the sales pitch, and then ordered it. It turned out to be a 148 page ebook. As soon as I started reading, I knew that this was NOT the usual crap ebook. I read it through, and immediately put into use the simple and specific methods explained.

Panic away reviews...
I am glad to report that this program has worked for me! Panic Away  is just as effective if you suffer from generalized anxiety instead of panic attacks. Joe Barry has produced a valuable resource for all anxiety-sufferers. It has changed my life for the better.


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