regular messups..!!

by simran
(delhi, india)

Dear Stella...!! plz help..!! I" have been with a guy for almost a year...!! I" was the one who initiated this relationship..!! after two months we started to messup and then our fights became very regular every pter day and for weeks and so on..! everytime we mess up my guy tells me to go just leave...!! later he started teling me cheaper stuff like I" know what category you belong...judging me..comparing me...!! when I" cry he just switches off his number..!! next morning of after sometime when I" ask him why did you do this..?? you know I" had been crying...then how could you switch off your number...then he gives me a very blunt and rude answer that if you are gonna talk about this and complain then better disconnect the call....!! get away..!! if I" cry or yell in frustration he switches of his number again..!! this goes on for a few days and a week or so...before he apologizes..!! his promises he will not do this again but he does this everytime ...!! he even abuses me......and he never realizes he has done some wrong.....!! I" have to force him to explain things o me but he is not at all intersted...and this drains all my energy out..!! he has insulted me soo many times..!! he calls my roomies and teells them that I"ll abuse this that..! he has no regrets..!! he can never accept his mistake...!! he just has to prove that he is right...and I" should be with him like a dumb..!! he abused me and and that has broken me down from inside...!! I"m hurt terribly....!!can't concentrate....!! feel soo helples...!! I" cry my heart out...!! I" feel weak...!! I" dn't know what to do..?? IS it my fault..?? plzz rply back I" really need your help...!!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Simran

You need to find another guy who loves and respects you!! It is not your fault! He does not care for you like you care for him..... Stella

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