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124 things you simply must know about your lover...
    And how to coax it out of them!

Try our fun relationship compatibility test for love-impaired couples. (Also an excellent communication tool for married couples). And don't miss the great bonuses included in this offer:

            Bonus #1: Sexual Compatibility Test
                                (pretty revealing stuff!)

            Bonus #2: Is it true Love?
                                (4 simple tools to find out for sure)

            Bonus #3: Telltale Signs of a Cheating Mate
                                (surefire tips to get at the truth)



I loved him! But did I really know him?

I had been dating my soul mate, Steve, for over two years, and it never ceased to surprise and amaze me every time I learned something new about him. Human beings sure are deep and mysterious creatures, aren't they? I've come to realize that you can never know another person 100%, no matter how close you are.

Yes, I felt comfortable with him, but there was a lot more about him I wanted to know. And honestly, I had some nagging doubts. But Steve is just not the type of man to sit down and bare his soul in a heart-to-heart discussion with a woman. I think he'd rather have a root canal than have a "serious talk" with me. And I suspect most men are the same way. Not a fault really, just a fact. Right, girls?

And so was born the seed of an idea for a "relationship compatibility test". I would present Steve with a written list of questions! But how to do that in a fun and painless manner? How to "draw him out" without turning him off?


guy taking relationship compatibility test

You've seen the TV ads for e-harmony, haven't you? You know, you answer a big questionnaire and they match you up with a potential dating partner, based on "29 dimensions". Bingo! Compatibility assured! Well, I took the e-harmony questionnaire, just to see if I could use it on Steve to "dig a little deeper". It was pretty disappointing, actually. It was a little flowery ("I see humor in everyday life"), and I felt it was wide open for manipulation of answers. Too obvious and easy to make yourself look good; to give answers you KNOW are favorable to your cause.

So back to the drawing board I went; I kept on with my research, reading many different relationship compatibility tests and questionnaires. Although a few questions were right on, none asked the important questions I really wanted answered. Ones that would help me to know this guy a lot better.

So I built my own relationship compatibility test, from the ground up! It took me awhile, but the result was perfect. It touches on all sorts of crucial hot spots and basic life philosophies, as well as practical day-to-day issues. I honed it down, pruned out the stuff that didn't really matter, made it short enough to not be excruciating, and added a large dose of fun and humor...

Voila! And here it is....


couple cuddling in bed taking relationship compatibility test together

Our most excellent relationship compatibility test, Dig A Little Deeper! These are the sections covered in this couples' workbook:



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  "Getting to Know You"  

  • This is me! (Personality, likes & dislikes, communication, habits)
    Personal habits; grooming; neatness; anger; obsessions; "talking" preferences; affection; privacy; appearance; alcohol & smoking; dislikes and favorites; bright spots
  • My interests (Pets, hobbies, travel, entertainment)
    Travel and vacation preferences; aptitudes; sports; TV & computer habits; hidden talents; hobbies; pets; cooking; art & culture; down time
  • Relationships (romance, friends, family)
    Social life; gift giving & holidays; dating preferences; parents & family; positive influences; room for improvement; relationship advice; past romance history; "I love you"



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  "We're an item"                  

  • Home & home life, chores
    Chores; cooking & cleaning; maintenance; child & pet care; toilets & toilet paper (yep)
  • Career, education and dreams for the future
    Continuing education; skills & talents; work division; career futures; hidden dreams
  • Religion and politics, philosophy of life
    Religious life; destiny; charity; political leanings; hot-button issues; cultural tolerance



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  "Should we take the plunge"?

  • Children and family traditions
    Kids; custody & obligations; family traditions; past childhood experiences
  • The "F" word (finances)
    Bank accounts; budgeting & saving; money splits; credit card debt; spending habits
  • Wedding & honeymoon thoughts
    "Should we?"; wedding preferences; honeymoon ideas
  • Skeletons in the closet (confession time) (mutually optional)
    Legal issues; drugs & gambling; mental health; bad habits

Relationship Compatibility Test...

Wow! Sounds pretty heavy! But it's really not... It does go into some deep issues (that need exploring), but it's also fun to fill out, and sure to make you laugh. There are 104 questions, many are multiple choice, and the whole thing can be completed in one sitting. And well worth the time...

But wait! There's 3 bonuses!  (Sound like an infomercial?). Included with this workbook is a sexual compatibility test.  Now this quiz, of course, is optional to fill out, you two decide. It can always be saved for later, if and when ya'll are ready for it. The sexual compatibility test consists of 20 probing

questions every committed couple should ask.



loving couple intimate in bed

Have doubts or questions about your true love? Get the straight scoop before making any major decisions with our super-efficient relationship compatibility test.

Read the testimonials below to see how our test can help you and your lover achieve peace and harmony... through knowledge.



    ~ "We thought the test was great. Well worth
    the money for the information it revealed. Best
    $12 we ever spent!"

                 ~ Dan & Tekla Ulrich,
                            San Juan, P.R.

    ~"Thank you so much for your compatibility
    questionnaire. We both found it easy and fun to
    fill out, and quite humourous. Also, it really
    did (painlessly) bring up some subjects that
    deserved a rousing discussion."

                ~ Constance Scarborough, U.K.

    ~ "I ordered your couple test just for fun. But
    my bf got really mad at some of my answers. I
    tried to be honest but he did not like what he
    read. I have talked to my parents and sister
    and they are worried too. I am so sad, but
    maybe we needed to do this too ???"

                ~Gemma Valparaso,
                    Manila, Phillipines

    ~ "I found out my fiance was arrested at the
    age of 14 for stealing a car! I guess it really
    doesn't matter now because he is 22, but I felt
    like it was something he should have told me. His
    answer was: 'You never asked me'.

    Your test really gets into some of the secrets
    and past history that you might wonder about,
    but are afraid to ask. I am glad I bought the
    guide and I recommend it to any serious

                ~Jackie B., Oradell, New Jersey, USA

Ready for Bonus #2?

We have all felt those magical, wonderful pangs of love, right? Or is it just infatuation? It isn't easy to know whether a relationship is simply a temporary phase of insanity, or the real deal. Some deep soul-searching is in order before you commit to someone or make solid plans for the future with him.

Our second bonus, Is It True Love?  helps you understand the difference between infatuation (or physical passion) and real, lasting true love. These 4 simple tools gently help you decide for yourself... whether it's true love or not.

Now, Bonus #3

And we hope you don't ever need this one. But print it out and squirrel it away somewhere safe... maybe your best friend will need it one day...

Telltale Signs of a Cheating Mate
This is a clear, concise and practical hands-on guide to infidelity investigation. Become your own private detective! Signs to watch for, surveillance techniques, and how to drill down to the truth. A must-have guide if you have those nagging doubts about your mate.

So how can you get the relationship compatibility test in front of your mate? It's a snap! You can get started tonight... For just $12.95, less than you'd pay for one night out at a restaurant, you'll receive our lovers questionnaire plus 3 extra bonuses in a downloadable/ printable PDF format.

You can pay for "Dig A Little Deeper" via our safe 'n secure, encrypted system with your credit card or PayPal. No hidden shipping or handling charges.

Not comfortable conducting financial transactions online? Use the link at the bottom to email us, and we'll tell you how to pay with a check or money order.

After you download the master copy, print up two copies (you've got to do one yourself, you know).[Tuck away your bonus romance reports on true love and cheating detection]

Each of you fills out your own questionnaire workbook--- exchange them--- and let the games begin...



No-Questions-Asked Guarantee: If for any
    reason you don't agree that this is the most
    useful relationship tool you have ever come
    across, just email us within 8 weeks from
    your date of purchase - and we'll issue you
    a 100% refund immediately.

    You have 8 full weeks to play with this ebook,
    utilize the helpful questionnaires, and find
    buried treasure... in your relationship!

    If you're not completely satisfied with this
    relationship compatibility test, just ask for
    (and receive) an immediate, 100% refund.




Okay now, what do you have to lose? Order our relationship compatibility test today, and get started now learning more about each other. Our wish is that "Dig A Little Deeper" will help you both make more informed decisions about your future together. Knowledge is power...

And have fun!

Stella Larue

P.S. Steve and I are still together after 7 years. We both passed the test.


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