Hello Fellow Romance Warriors!

Findlove-Keeplove has gone interactive...

Our beloved web host, Sitesell, has invented a fantastic new module that we have eagerly added to several of our web pages. It's called Content 2.0, and it will turn our love and romance website into an even more informative, useful and fun web resource for you.

And here's the best part: each month we pick the best one or two submissions, and award prizes. A quality, romance-oriented gift you are sure to love, whether single or attached.


Here's how the relationship forums work:

Just choose one of the links below, and read what others have posted. You can add your 2 cents to the issue, or also leave advice or encouragement for others. Or start a new thread with your own story!

Rest assured that all posts and comments are screened. Submissions that are disrespectful or just in plain bad taste will not be published.

It's sort of like a mini-myspace (you can easily create your very own web page). Tell your friends about your page and invite then to leave feedback. We like to call our new interactive pages the   MINI-FORUMS.

So let the games begin!

Choose one of our relationship forums below:

  • DEAR STELLA- Ask for advice on love, relationship or marriage problems. Read Stella's sage advice, or post your own advice to others in need.
  • TRUE LOVE STORIES- Enjoy true tales of love gone right... or post your own true love story and maybe win a great prize.
  • GIFTS FOR LOVERS- Is there a great gift a lover once gave you that really touched your heart? Share it with others.
  • ROMANTIC GETAWAYS- Brag about your own favorite romantic travel spot, or find some unique vacation ideas posted by others.
  • E-DATING ADVENTURES- Share your funny or fantastic e-dating experiences. And we love success stories, too.
  • WILL YOU MARRY ME?- Did your sweetie propose to you in an unusual or funny way? Know of any other clever proposal ploys? Share it here and go for a great prize!



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