by apple dapple

I only want to share the burdens of being in love with the wrong person. Some may find this very common but it's really true that it happened to me. Here goes...

One afternoon as I was having a meeting with my friends from different schools, Sammy, one of my friends introduced me to this guy. His name was Mark and he was really a hunk. Tall, dark and handsome and the way he carry himself was a very good one. The first time I saw him, I knew I had a crush on him. We talked a lot about the things in school and about ourselves. I didn't know at that time if he found me cute but the way he acted I say that I am special to him. He treated me differently than all the other friends.

It just came that we know that were having a mutual understanding of our feelings but neither of us dares to admit it. Well, it's because we belong to an organization that we treat each others as brothers and sisters.

Days, weeks, months and years pass by and we just had this feeling to each other. But one day during a Christmas party i got a gift from him. And it's kind of unique because it's not supposedly that kind of gift. So I assumed that he was ready to tell his feelings towards me.

But due to our duties and responsibilities to our organization we didn't have the chance to talk much. Me as an organizer went out with our guest and he as an officer of his school went out with his schoolmates. That was the last time we saw each other.

Years had passed and I didn't have any news from him, but I didn't really forget him. Then one day during a Valentine's party, he was there. I couldn't believe it. But there he was. Standing there and smiling at me.

I thought he would be gone forever and he would not remember me anymore. I greeted him and just said hi. And the party went on. I was nervous and I didn't realize that I was having wine too much. Yes, that night I was drunk. So drunk that I didn't know what's happening to me.

I really don't know what happened until I woke up the next morning in Mark's room! And he is sitting beside the bed. I asked him why am I here? He told me he carried me out of the party because I was really drunk. I told him why? There are lots of people there who could handle me. He just smiled and asked, "Why aren't you happy that you're here with me?"

I asked him why would I be happy since he left me so long without explanation. He told me he was sorry for that and that day he let out his feelings towards me. He told me it was since the first time we met that he had feelings towards me. He said he loved me since then but was afraid that I wouldn't believe, and he didn't have the courage to tell me, that I might reject him. I was surprised at his revelations and I just kept silent for a while.

Then he came to me and hugged me and told me that I should accept him. That day I accepted him and that day was the happiest moment. I didn't ask what happened to him for the years that he was gone. For me what mattered is now he's with me. The important thing is what we had now. We had each other.

Years have passed and we have had good times. We never had a fight but we argue sometimes. I thought it would last but who would thought it would end up in a tragedy.

I was in the office when my cellphone beeps. I smiled when i hear the tone because I thought it was him sending me a sms (text). But I was wrong. Only numbers appeared. I thought it was wrongly sent but it wasn't. The sms tells me to leave Mark alone. I answered her back why? and she answered me that they were married for more than a year and were having a baby. I was really shocked! For almost three years that we were together, I did not suspect that he was married. I couldn't think so I left work immediately.

I called him and told him that we should meet. He told me yes. I was very silent and he keeps on asking if there is something wrong. I smiled at him and told him nothing. As we are sitting along the beach I asked him if he wanted to tell me something very important.

He looks at me and was shocked. He told me "I am married already". I asked him why???? All the time he was cheating me. I told him why didn't he just tell me straight that he can't love me back? But instead he let me believe that we could be forever. By then he was crying and telling me that I should forgive him and I should not leave him. I was crying too, but I told him it was not fair for his wife and for me too.

That was the saddest day of my life, I wanted to die. At that time, the pain in my heart was unbearable. I keep on asking myself, why is the person you love most the one who will hurt you the most too? Days passed by and although I still love him that much and I know he loves me too, I decided to forget him. But it was really hard to forget, so I decided to go away; to not to see him again, because every time I went home from my office he was there waiting for me. He sometimes followed me. So now I am here in UAE mending a broken heart and hopefully to forget him.

I pray that one day a love that I cherished for many years will be forgotten, and someday maybe I will find a person who will love me the same way as I love him.



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Nov 28, 2007
You have courage and integrity
by: Anonymous

I admire your courage! You did the right thing by breaking it off with another woman's husband. You would never have been able to trust that man.

Someone with your kind of strength and integrity is sure to find a better man one day. I wish you the happiness you deserve!

Dec 15, 2007
The Right Person
by: Anonymous


Do not worry. You will find the exact person who will love you the same way you love him.

Let God bring the right person to you as soon as possible. But do not make those same mistakes again


Jun 10, 2008
Don't lose hope!
by: trixie

You deserve a better person...
Just make yourself busy and soon, I know, that you will find the person that will love you most.

Jul 17, 2008
I Feel for You
by: The Spy

I am now mending my heart because of the situation quite similar to yours. It IS unbearable.

I will pray for you; for all the women whose pain is unbearable.

Thank you for being an inspiration to me now.

Aug 14, 2008
by: shiloh

I'm also having an affair with a married man, but I'm too coward and scared to let him go... But I have tried it already, many times, to break up with him. But he won't let me go either...

I really appreciate your courage, I hope I can do it also... I've been struggling for it, I'm hurting inside, but I'm crazy over him...

Dec 13, 2008
Am so confused..
by: ladyluck

You are so tough to fight for what you think is right.. I wish I am like you.. I am also experiencing same situation these days. I wish I could share my own story someday. You are such an inspiration to me. Good luck and you can make it!

Dec 29, 2008
Endless Pain

I am deeply in love with a married man. The twist is that his wife would like for all of us to be friends. I respect their marriage not to continue the affair, but I can't become friends with someone I had an intense love affair with. I thoughT he was my soulmate.

They say if you truly love someone, sometimes you have to let them go. I have to let him go. Since he's not strong enough to say bye, I must be the one. Life goes on, the sun will shine, a smile will grace our faces again, and there will be tears of joy instead of tears of pain.

Jan 07, 2009
I'm also in love...
by: angelofmine

It was really hard to love a married man. No such right person or such right time to love...it just happened that you realized you are in love already.

But the sad thing is you cannot let him go anymore, although you know you can't own him. You can make a choice but ignore it, you can make it right but you just can't because you are hurt.

Me? Now I go with the flow of life...enjoy. Some day if fate will decide I'll let it happen and accept it. Be strong.

Feb 06, 2009
I forgot to love myself...
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am in the same situation as you. The love of my life for almost 23 years came in and found me again...unfortunately, he is already married. The feelings were so strong that we had to continue where we left off... I know this is wrong but I cannot let him go. I have accepted the fact that I can only have a piece of his time...but it's okay. I am happy with him...

Feb 22, 2009
Love at the wrong time
by: girl from tagudin

My situation is like yours but in my case I was the one who was married and I fell in love with my best friend.. My husband doesn't know about it but I think my mom and my brother know it already..

But I don't care as long as I'm happy..on the other hand I'm scared of what karma will bring..Well I guess time will come when I can also move on..and hope we become best of friends again..I hope you too can move on..

Apr 06, 2009

Sooner or later you will surpass the feelings...

Try to get back your heart from him and give it to others. there's a lot of guys over there... I was once in love with a married man, but learned to accept things that were not meant to be....

Love yourself more than anyone else... life is too short to wait for someone who isn't worth your love....

Jun 03, 2009
Soulmate came in wrong time
by: danielle

It's hard when you met someone that is your soulmate but it came at the wrong time. My situation is I'm married and he's married too, but we both love each other that we can't let it go. Our love glows each day of the 10 yrs. We managed to keep it going because we both understand our situations and limitations. We both hope that one day our love find a way, I don't know how we managed it considering that we both live miles and miles away from each other, but still when one of us decided to move on, it still hurts so much.

Recently we both agreed that its time to say goodbye, I never heard from him since, but still I can't tell if it's for good because every time we said goodbye to each other, our love still send us back together. I don't know what future holds on us.
I wish you the best and hope next time you find a guy that will make you happy.

Jul 24, 2009
Good decision
by: anamay

Be grateful for the experience you had. At least you were able to do the right thing despite the hardships you were encountering.. Good Luck to your search.. but remember, someone might just come. You don't really have to search for him. Time will come you will be rewarded back... God Bless!!!!

Aug 22, 2009
Same feeling
by: Sweetsmile16

I wish I'd be brave enough to do it... to move on. Just like you did. I was also deeply in love at the wrong time before. And I still love him so much.

Sep 18, 2009
Right Wrong Person
by: right wrong person

i know how you feel.. been there done that. i can't erase that right wrong person anymore. life really sucks sometimes.

Sep 20, 2009
by: suvidha


Nov 24, 2009
True Integrity
by: E.L.F. (Corona, CA)

Your actions speak volumes about the person you are... Whoever you decide to be with one day, should consider themselves truly fortunate to have found you.

About a year ago, I came to the "gut wrenching" conclusion that I had NO choice but to end my affair with a married man. This relationship did not happen over night... It began as a friendship over many years and turned into being the only man I've ever been fully and truly in love with in my life. (Even though I fought the feelings for years because we were and are still both married.)

I realized that even if this is "my soul mate", "my one true love", that it is not my time with him. I did not want a relationship born from lies and deception. I did not want to be with someone that having an affair came so easy to do. He could justify it all.. I on the other hand was consumed with guilt (On so many levels.) I had to be honest with my husband and I needed to let the other go.

Does it change what I feel in my heart? No. I still think of him every day... but, it's easier to live with myself knowing that I'm not with another woman's husband and lying to my husband every time I leave the house or get a text message.

I heard from him the other day... he sent me a text on my Birthday. It was bittersweet. Other than that, we no longer speak.

Would I like to be over him? YES.

Good luck to you. I wish you the best!

Jan 26, 2010
You are not alone
by: arlene

I've been in a situation like you, my friend. Love really hurts, especially if the person you loved doesn't love you at all. Maybe it's true that love comes at a wrong time, at a wrong place and to a wrong person. But everything happens for a reason and I believe that God has a perfect plan for all of us. You have made the right decision and I'm proud of you. I hope you can get over it. Good luck!

Feb 05, 2010
It Sucks

Everything happens for a reason...But how could a person love two people at the same time? It sucks doesn't it? I love him but God knows I love my husband too..

I wish I have the courage to let one of them go!

Mar 21, 2010
Be detached, Be happy
by: Anonymous

Only thing i have to say.. even if you get someone who loves you more than him and always keeps you happy, you will always miss what you have exactly wanted.

So, my advice to all others out there, don't attach yourself with anything, literally anything, because when you lose, it hurts you most and leaves broken somewhere in your heart even it has healed with time.

Be detached, Be happy.

Mar 22, 2010
Only God will never ever forget you....
by: Angel disguised

You're story is so sad I know what it is you're telling because I'm a girl that has a boyfriend before. But girl, always remember God has a reason for all the things that happen to us; just pray because i know there is a boy created only for you. Time will come you can say that here is the boy God created only for me. Just move on girl...God Bless take good care of your self..."daghan pa ug lalaki" in English, there are so many boys in the world ...Goooooooo girlllll.......

Mar 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am married and he is as well.. but we knew our limitations... I am happy and it gives color to my life. But, I don't want our family to ruin.... we will just go on with the flow... if times comes that we need to separate ways.. then we will accept it heartily, even if it hurts

Apr 20, 2010
Right Love at the Wrong time!
by: Anonymous

I am experiencing the same situation. He always makes me believe that he loves me more than his wife and he's just with them for the sake of their child. For me, those words comfort me because no words could ever explain how much I love him and I also feel that he loves me so much.

Recently, I decided to break up with him but it is so painful. Day by day, I want to go back with him and now I am so confused.

I admire you for letting him go even if he don't wanna go. You're so brave enough to do that and I hope that I can also do the same too.

May 06, 2010
by: heartless

huhu.. how sad and heartbreaking your story was.. and i really admire you.. for being so strong to let the person you love go.. i know it was not easy on your part coz im feeling that way toO.. i hope i could have that courage and strength someday..i just love him and i really can find the reason why..

May 06, 2010
trust in the Lord with all your heart...
by: Anonymous

hi!..i read about your story, and it's really amazing..you're a brave person..but one thing i wanna say..trust in the Lord with all your heart..God has prepared someone for you..someone who will love you more...you know i am about to be married now...God gave me this man, coz I've prayed for a long time, it took 7 years for to wait..but it's a lot of disappointments..but i never give up..so i am happy now..i am because God granted my prayers...so as i have said..trust in the Lord..God bless you!..Jane...

Jun 24, 2010
i understand..
by: Anonymous

It's hard.. I know how it feels.. It happened to me too.

Jul 24, 2010
love hurts
by: emy

love hurts

Aug 01, 2010
Its hard to be a girl giving her love for just one man
by: christhine

Falling in love is very unexpected...sometimes we really are "weak" to fight for those feelings we knew from the start cannot be with us. But no matter how painful it was, the important thing is we knew we did everything and we will not regret thinking that maybe we didn't become the right person for the one we love....

Aug 19, 2010
You have A Great Heart
by: mariesh

Well, I admire you. I can relate with your story bcoz i to are loving a person at a wrong time. At present we are continue loving each other. We are both married but still do our best to keep our love and faith for us. Sometimes i also think of leaving him but i cant, he is my life. We promised to love each forevermore, and no one could take us apart. And for what u shared, im proud of you coz u have the courage to do what is wrong. I hope one day i too could have the courage to do that. Wish that someday you could meet a guy that certainly deserved for your great love and u may live happy. God Bless....

Aug 26, 2010
Right love at the wrong time
by: Aarf

We are almost on the same situation i guess. Months ago, i met someone but i never thought he became special to me. I felt comfortable with him and feeling safe everything i am with him.. I started missing him. We have no commitment yet every after our phone conversation ends, there is always iloveu and take care but we never talk about our feelings..i guess the feelings are mutual even we are both stranger.. he told me that he's afraid of losing me if i will know his situation. It puzzled my mind. One day i told him that if my instinct is correct, i guess i know his situation and he said we'll just talk in personal until we met again. Though i have an idea that he is a married man but still it hurts when the words came from his mouth. i dunno how to react. I didn't talk until he send me home. I want to cry but i don't want to show him that i am affected. he asks sorry for what he did but i'm already fallen with him..

Sep 08, 2010
Math says...
by: Anonymous

Right love at the right person at the wrong time is still wrong as negative x positive is still negative....

Sep 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh i thought its me who wrote the letter! same old story.. =(

Sep 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

I admire your courage...I too am in love with a now married man. See he was my ex from many years ago whom I never stopped loving but we went our separate ways until recently he called me out the blue and we basically picked up where we left off. He told me from the beginning that he was engaged and I tried a couple times to end it but I kept going back. Now, the time has come for me to give it up. I will talk to him soon and let him know that we have to stop but I do love him soooo much and feel that he is my soul mate but this is all wrong. I feel so guilty, sorry for his now wife and ashamed...so I know I have to end it for good and I will!! Thanks for the inspiration to do the right thing....

Sep 30, 2010
the pain of letting go

Obviously, you've shown a very courageous and righteous act and I admire you for that. I know exactly how you feel. My situation is worse. I am married and so is he. We fell in love so deeply. His wife found out our affair and so with my husband. There were lots of obstacles that came along but still we managed to be strong and not letting go with each other.

It is so difficult when you found the person who has given you so much joy, happiness and love at the wrong time. The love we have is so intense that we've reached to the point of planning to leave our own families. But feelings of guilt and sadness is inevitable. Right now, I am afraid to lose him. I don't have the strength to let him go.

I salute you for being so brave and for sacrificing your love for that person you met at the wrong time. Godspeed and may you find someone who will make you happy for the rest of your life!

Oct 14, 2010
be happy
by: Friend

You have to live your life and start again.
I am sure that the right person is front of you waiting to open your heart for another love and in this time he will be the right person at the right place.

Oct 18, 2010
have faith
by: Anonymous

just read your story girl. I salute you for doing that. It is really hard to forget someone specially when he is already the water of your life. I know you can move on girl. Just have faith. I know the right man will come into your life soon. I'll pray for you.

Oct 27, 2010
Grace, Hope & Mercy
by: Anonymous

Thank you for having the courage to share your story with so many of us who never found the strength to do so!

My story is a little similar but the title "Right Love AT THE WRONG TIME" Will be how I will always remember it.

I spent 8 years with the love of my life, to have him marry someone else during the time that I needed to find who I was. Broken is a feeling that I know all to well, especially since we really never stop seeing each other during the time that I needed apart. But to know in my heart that something wasn't quite right and for other people to confirm my feelings, was a disaster all in it self.

For ten years, I have given every part of me to a man for him not to even give me a second thought before he said I do to someone else. So learning how to love again has been a difficult task because My heart constantly aches for him. And although I have tried to have relationships after him, I never allowed anyone else to ever get too close because I knew that my heart belonged to him.

Well here we are in 2010 and he has come back after he was told that I was back home after spending 6 years in California...He's now divorced with 5 kids and according to him, he realized that I was the only one truly for him but here's the problem that I have.

I will never be anyone's second choice or fall back woman. If he truly loved me then, he wouldn't have married someone else, so after trying to have a life with him, it took me about 8 months to realize that I was no longer there when we started planning the wedding that I so deserved; but my body started telling me something different when I completely broke out in hives all over my body. Here's the funny part ~ when I called off the wedding, the hives went completely away...

So you see, although you may forgive the pain that was caused, you will never forget. But then again, the way I see it, time does truly heal all wounds and one day you'll wake up and realize, what you thought was the best thing for you was actually the wrong thing! Be blessed and know that God hears all, knows all and will take care of it all....

Dec 12, 2010
by: Julie

My story is very similar to yours...I moved on and remarried...and I never forgot him...recently he found me again..only this time he's still married to the same woman as he was all those years ago...I'm with my new husband and all of those old feelings that I thought were gone are now right back with me again..I don't think you will ever lose those feelings for him...but they will find a hiding spot way deep down inside and they will pop up from time to time but not enough to interfere with your new life...unless one day he reappears like my love did...then I have no words for you because right now, I am in love with him all over again and very confused...I wish you the very best of luck...thanks for sharing your story...nice to know I'm not alone..ironically, my mans name is Mark too...could it be ?????

Jan 12, 2011
by: Anonymous

So many stories out there; it shows how really connected we all are. I found this website by accident when looking for the quote: (paraphrasing) "Finding the right person at the wrong time is still the wrong person". I have a friend who is newly divorced and dating again, only to find timing an issue for a commitment. And I told her to move on until you find someone who can give you your heart's desire. No mess attached!!! Turn away and move on, no matter how painful the moment. It will pass and you will look back with relief. And no matter what, never deceive another person to be in a relationship.

That is so wrong on so many levels and will end badly. My brother is going thru it right now. His wife met a man (Mike) at work (also married). My brother and Mike's wife had no alternative but to file for divorce. Children's lives are being torn apart, families being torn apart, the domino affect is massive.

Cheating and Deception is the ultimate betrayal by another person and has irreversible consequences. Anyone out there cheating, please STOP! You are causing much pain to others. Find the right person at the right time; the word wrong should never be used describing a relationship. Either it is right or it is wrong. Either is it moral or immoral-there are no in-betweens. I pray you all find the right person in all the right circumstances and are blessed together. Then you can have peace and comfort as the Lord promises.

Jan 17, 2011
Right Love.. Wrong Time..
by: LadyM

Life is not fair sometimes.. I sorta have the same situation but I was the one who's married. I am in love with my best friend but I am married. We see each other everyday and have lunch together everyday for over a year now. It's very hard when you can't be with someone you love.. We both know that we can never be together as a couple but we don't want to end what we have now.. I know it's wrong but I love him. I wish I was strong to let go of him... Just like you.

Jan 17, 2011
Should i?
by: Anonymous

I never expect i write comment on this kind story. i am proud of your share girl.
thank you so much for u and all people who have gave advice.

now, I am in love so much with married man. before we are classmate and be best friends. my days was so happy if i spent with him. i know that he is married man, that's why i just want be his best friend, but separated with his wife.

one day, he open to me, about the truth between him and his wife. i was so shock and so sympathy to him, coz he was leaved by his wife, just because his wife realize that she still in love with her fist love. she want make up her relationship with her fist love. so she decided to go to her home town to get close with her first love, coz both of them come from same home town.

he was so desperate and hurt about his wife did to him. many time he make sure to his wife, to think again bout her decision, but still his wife want to get back with her first. and finally he appreciate and will move on even its so hard and hurt to him.

after he shared to me about his truth live, i became sympathy and crush on him. yes, we are so enjoy when we spent our time together. we have same likeness, he so kind and care to me. he is my dream boy.

one day, i decided to make a distance to him, yes, i know its hard if i tell about my feeling. i just thought its better to him, to get back his feeling to his wife, to get his family back as before. and what i did its not same as my plan, when i want to say good bye to him, i was cry hardly and told the truth about my felt to him, i cant ignore my feeling that i am in love with him.
and so do him, he has same felling as mine.

after that, i didn't make a commitment to him. coz i am not sure about his situation now. even though he already tell me, that he want to process his annulment.

day by day, our feeling get stronger, and we have some plan bout our future. and unexpectedly his wife change. now she want him to get back. she realize that he is her true love.

i was so sad and disappoint, i am afraid for what i did to him and his family. many times he make sure to me, that he already decide to move on. he cant give his trust anymore to his wife for what she did to him, its not easy to make up as before. he wont love her as before. coz now, his attention and love only for me.

i always ask him, bout his heart, his decision, how about if he gave his wive chance to make up their relation, but still he wont do that.
even i leave him, and i ask him to go back to his wife, he never do that, and prefer to live alone.

what should i do now?
i am so in love with him, but i don't want be selfish, coz i always think about his family part.

Mar 25, 2011
seems like my story
by: Anonymous

That's amazing what you did i know it might have broken your heart...it broke my heart to leave my much married online-never-met-boyfriend too.....but still i made the decision not to meet or mail him once i knew he was married. i spend quite a lot of time crying and feeling empty i still don't know if can meet THE right person...just trying my best to move on...so all the best you to you i hope you find THE one soon too....i am still very confused...

Mar 26, 2011
special response
by: sonu

Really u r very lucky that someone loves u more than all,
i also loved & loves some one very much...bt due to some circumstances i married before 6 years back, bt madam till today i loves only her & believe "Real Loves Never Meet" i nvr meet after my marriage,

my eyes are watered when i read your's story

I Loves Her bt i didn't express independently my feelings

i love her
byee for now

May 16, 2011
Am also involved with a married man
by: Anonymous

I admire your courage. Am also in the same situation. I have tried so many times in the past to break up with my guy, but we keep going back to each other. This has been going on for almost 12 years now. When I was younger, I thought I could endure this situation forever, now I really want out. I am tired, and I am no loner happy being a kept woman. He says how much he loves me but he can't leave his wife because of the children. I havent been speaking to him for days now, I hope I will be able to sustain this. I love him but I think it's time to let go. I pray that God give you the courage and strength that you need.

May 20, 2011
by: Witch

i wish that you can find the right one who is deserving for your love.

for whats happening to me right now, i think its also RIGHT LOVE AT THE WRONG TIME. when i accept this man into my life i know at the end we will end up to nothing, at the start i know that hes on arrange married. were only a month when his mother called him to go home for an engagement and this coming December for marriage ceremony. were just only four months, but its seems my love for him is so deep already. its wrong not to love him anymore, but what will i do, hes already my life, my day is not complete without talking to him. i tried avoiding him, but still his there for me. everyday i cried when i remember that he will be got married soon. sometimes i just wish, that my life will end up already... till now im still happy and thanks God that he gave this man to me, this man makes my life complete. BUT UNTIL WHEN??? and WHAT WILL I DO???

Jun 09, 2011
hold on to your integrity
by: sister

you have done the right decision. we sometimes believe that what we have is right because we feel it. God gives us a heart and a mind to balance things. we may feel strongly for a man though he is married but our mind says it is not right because of the consequences if we pursue our heart's desire. in that case, feelings is not guaranteed right if the consequences are not in our side. The right love falls into the right places. It will not hurt our family. Pursuing our love to the wrong person will hurt our family. true love involves sacrifice. it seeks the happiness of others, not only of our own. I admire you for your courage of doing the right thing, though it hurts so much. You are not in control of the circumstances that lead you to all the things that happened. It shows what you are made of-- a woman of integrity. By being stronger this time because of your decision (though it takes time to heal the wounds) but i'm sure, God will give you, at the right time, the right man for you.

Jun 21, 2011
same here
by: Anonymous

it happened to me too...they were not married but they are together for 7 years.but i knew that before we started our relationship i thought before it was okay but years have pass and then i realized that we were in the wrong situation and i deserved a man all for myself so i left him even though we love each other so much and he took care of me and gave me everything ..i'm also here in Arab country just like you mending my broken heart

Jul 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had the same experience too....I met someone and were both married. I love him, he doesn't have any idea how much I wanted us to be together but I can't bear to see my family be broken because of selfishness. I already avoided him but he kept on begging me to continue our relationship rest assured that our own family will remain intact but I can't stand the guilt feelings while were together and the mere thought that were cheating to our family. So here I am, struggling.... even though I love him, I choose to hurt my self rather than my family. It is better this way :(

Jul 14, 2011
Don't Loose Hope
by: Anonymous

It is really a hard and unexplainable feeling when you love a person especially if that person cannot love you in return. That is the reality of life and we cannot do anything about it- but to accept. Let us just keep on believing that God has his own perfect plan for everyone of us.

Don't lose hope, I know you will still be successful in other aspects.
Cheers and Godbless!

Aug 25, 2011
Apple and April Forever
by: Apple

RIGHT LOVE AT THE WRONG TIME.....how ironic....never ever in my wildest imagination that i would be in this situation....it started with a simple search of his name over facebook and voila ! after 3 yrs of searching i finally found him...my 2nd ex...and its right after valentines day...at first just friendly greetings and PM's later on thru love songs....then to cut the story short we finally found each other rekindling a romance we left 31 years ago...texts, chats even calls made our days ecstatic !! every sound of ringtones makes my heart dribbles..even my co workers noticed the different glows in my eyes...but at he back of it my conscience bothers me...this is wrong !!! i decided to end the relationship 5th 6th times and he's always begging not to...coz he also searched for me for the last 31 yrs...until just 3 days ago when i told him i want to finish this coz its unfair to our each family ...he agreed !!! My!!!! I can't believe it i feel i die that very moment, no amount of analgesia will ease the pain i felt!! He said he will call me again on my bday and every year will exchange hello's every each bday....i felt devastated...but i want to be straight now...i even blocked him on my fb account....i cried like a river...but before the end of the day ...i can't help myself ..i texted him "hi!"...and he replied back...then i told him...i thought i can forget you but i can't it hurts..he said him too ! he's also in pain!...so we reconnect again ...though i'm trying to distance myself...m just human...anyway we never met in person coz we are miles apart...14 hours flight apart !!!!though we promise to meet in our native hometown on 2013 ! <3<3<3.....and i love him so....

Sep 16, 2011
loving some one
by: trisha

your one of the people i been admire..your a strong person that woman dream to be...i may have opposite situation from u,,bcoz iam the one who is married but i fall in love with a guy,,without thinking the consequences..why its so hard to be in it..i set him free for the sake of my baby and for him to find the right one,,but i know until now we still love each other,,i feel so ok outside but deep inside iam dying..thank u for inspiring me that i made the right choice,,maybe iam still hurting but time will come ill be ok,,thankzz

Oct 06, 2011
by: rolando

..ahm,,i read just your story,and i was so touched,hope you already find your true one.:)

Oct 07, 2011
poem for the right person but at the wrong time
by: Anonymous

I know it is impossible for him to read this, I just want to share....to release my burden.

Naisip ko lang, gawan ko kaya ng tula ang mga kanta na bahagi ng ating istorya.
Ilang lamang sa mga babanggitin ko, ang tumatak sa puso?t isipan ko,
Habang namumuo ang animo?y puppy love sa pagitan mo at ako.
Simulan natin sa kantang ?Beginning Today?, ni Agot Isidro.

?Beginning today, I promise you, I give my heart to you...?
Yan ang sabi sa kanta habang nakasakay ako sa iyong awto,
Napakasaya ng pakiramdam ko,
Kaya naman ng mga oras na yun, feeling ko nakalutang ako na parang lobo.

Biglang natakot ako dahil sabi nga ni Janno....I think I?m ?Fallin? in love with you,
Dahil nagsisimula na akong makaramdam ng beyond friendship para syo.
Napaisip tuloy ako kung bakit ba hindi ka nakilala noong ako?y malaya pa eh di ?Ikaw Sana?.
Kaya sinabi mo sa akin na ?Ipagpatawad mo?, hindi mo ito plinano, minahal mo lang ako.

?Eversince the world began?, ang background natin habang masaya tayong magkasama.
Magkayakap, nagku-kwentuhan, Feeling natin walang katapusang kaligayahan.
Ngunit nang paalis na ako, ?I Love You, Goodbye? ang nasabi ng puso ko.
Mabigat sa loob ko pero we have to go, babalik na tayo sa totoong mundo.

Akala ko magiging madali ang lahat kaya sabi ko sa sarili ko ?I?ll say goodbye for the two of us?.
Dahil iyon ang nararapat, kahit di ko personal na masabi sa?yo,
Basta magkaroon lng ng closure para makapag move on ako.
Pero ?I can?t say goodbye to you? kahit anong gawin ko.

Oct 10, 2011
Unexpected Love at the wrong time with the right person......I guess???
by: Anonymous


We met by chance,
Thought it was just a simple acquaintance.
But after a month and a half,
Something happen that?s neither I nor you did plan.

Time flies so fast,
Love started to bloom between us.
We we?re so happy, we we?re so gay,
We promise love each and everyday.

But some good things never last,
The time has come for us to be apart.
I thought it would be easy,
But I felt that life becomes unfair to me.

I tried everything to forget you,
I refuse to admit...but I still miss you.
And I can?t still get over you,
No matter what I do.

Though things were not like before,
But still....I?m holding on.
Though you never text me no more,
I?m hoping you will one day.......once more.

Feb 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have the same situation right now.. and i do not know what to do, to let him go or still together in this illicit relationship.. we knew each other from some web site here in internet..but for the first time i felt like i knew him for a long long time.. so we decide to meet and knowing each other well.maybe i can we are soul mate cause we felt at eased each other. we discussed everything about our life..we both knew our situation but still go flow our feelings like beyond friendship. then days go by, we always exchanging message for sms and chat and going together sometimes for meals. for the short story we both in love each other. I love him so much, that i never felt before, i am happy with him, i felt he is my world my life, he felt the same. sometimes i felt guilty and and conscience in our situation because we both still married.. sometimes , i'm thinking to give up because we will still end for nothing.. i love him so much.. i cry most of the time when i realized our mistake.. this is the right love at a wrong time.. but he don't like us to finish this forbidden relationship we have now.. i do not know what to do.. i love him, and he the same but i want this wrong to be right.. we love each other but how are they? in my situation my husband and i was separated for 3 years now, he was cheat on me, but i forgive him for the sake of our son. then he left us and leave us to his parents house because we don't have own house.. after he left cause he went abroad too, his and i was had misunderstanding then they told us to keep away from their house, so i decided to go back from my parents with my son.. a year ago a heard that my husband has girl again, so i decide to break up our relationship, cause i'm tired for always understanding to him. although i love him before but not happy like what I've felt now to the guy who i love much.. we still have communication with my husband for the sake of my son but in the phone only. and i told him i met someone and i in love with him.. he was angry and don't want us to be break up.. i didn't lie to him about everything that i in love and happy right now which i didn't felt to him before.. i ask forgiveness and freedom from him.. but he refused to set me free.. what should i do? and the man of my life now he has family too. i love him but i don't like to ruin his family because of my selfishness.. please give me some advice for what to do side by side of my problem..

girl.. i am very proud of you for being brave and strong to face and accept your heart ache.. i do hope i would have courage to to it without hurt..

Feb 22, 2012
right love at the wrong time
by: Anonymous

we have the same story so traumatic....

Jul 07, 2012
by: sheloves

you're very brave and strong to make the relation stop. I am in currently in same situation but it's the other way around.i am the married one and have three children with my husband. and i have my fourth child with the man i love so much.before we met i was already out of love of my husband.i just could'nt file for an annulment because i was looking for the right time.i know it's very wrong and i'm so aware but i just can't be with my husband anymore while i'm in love with somebody else.

Dec 14, 2012
First love never dies
by: Anonymous

Me and my first love crossed one's road, and the magic of love is still there, we met at the wrong time, we are both married. He tried to win me back and i accepted him. We are both struggling with the situation and hoping that someday we will be together in the right time. Sometimes i lost hope and i want to break up with him but he doesnt want to let me go.
I hope i can be like you, strong enough to face the sadest day of your life letting go of the person that you love most.

Mar 06, 2013
Wishing to be with him..
by: Anonymous

He came to me at the wrong time. I can't let him go because I love him so much. I want to wait for him even though it takes me forever. I want to go but I keep on coming back because I cant have the courage to forget. My feelings are so strong. I think he is my soulmate. Now I'm experiencing a lot of pain. If I have to endure all of these for us to be together I will. He is my soulmate.

Apr 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

You didn't make any mistakes.
You did what many women wouldn't of been able to do...the right thing. You ended what wasn't right.
You not knowing he was married was His mistake.
Props to you.

Oct 10, 2013
so hard...
by: Anonymous

what else could i say.....i am dying inside to be with him..but just cant....although i am separated ...and his relationship with his wife is not in good terms....but he is still trying to save their marriage even from the fact that his wife cheated and had gone with other man already....why cnt he just realized that hes worth more then a precious ruby to be just wasted by his wife that way.... but still i respect his decision...anyway...family will always be a family....

May 19, 2014
art of letting go.
by: Anonymous

I feel you. im in the same situation and i cant escape. i guess it was my first time to understand what love is. sadly it was a wrong time. What should i do if the person i love the most is unfortunately married. It really hurts. although you love each other still you should know the art of letting go coz love is made for two people yet im still hoping that time will come our love falls perfectly right.

May 20, 2014
Hard to let go
by: Anonymous

I'm having hard time to get out from the relationship i have, me and my first boyfriend were back together 3 years ago, we're both married, i tried getting out from it, it should be easier for us to forget each other because were miles apart. Everyday, i planned not to communicate with him anymore, i cried everyday because i know hes with his family.
I hope i can be as strong as you. how can i move on if the man that God gave me at the wrong time is the man i loved most and can never be mine?
I don't know what will i do.

Jun 01, 2014
Love works in strange ways
by: Anonymous

I totally get how you feel. I'm crazy in love with a guy who has a girlfriend and at the moment he only sees me as a friend as he's with her but he's admitted he likes me loads and I know he has feelings for me as we have so much in common and a major connection .. So much sexual tension as well it's just the right love at wrong time. I don't want to be a home wrecker so I told him I'd wait for him. I don't care how long because I know it's him I want...

Jun 30, 2014
We started in wrong way, but we make it right..
by: Ladyluck

5 years ago, i also wrote a comment here. Having the same feeling at all... Decided to stay away from him though i love him more than anyone else.
I never stop loving him, deep inside..... Years passed, so many things happened..... and YES, after 5 years, we got married and now having our first baby....
I truly believed that no matter what, if you're really meant for each other, fate will always find its way!!!

Jan 10, 2015
Right Love at the Wrong Time
by: Anonymous

Hello Girl, I admire your decision to let go. I am in the same situation. And had just started of learning to move on cause I know how important his family is to him. And I would always just be a last priority for him. So I have to move on even if hurts like hell. The pain seems endless but I have to be strong for my greatness weakness.Love.

Jul 04, 2015
with regret
by: kay

this was not love on his part. It was very selfish for him to take advantage of you.

Sep 16, 2015
Right Love at the wrong time
by: Anonymous

I am going through the same situation of loving someone at the wrong time. It was so painful for me. It was him who actually started chasing over me. When i finally fell in love with him, he decided to keep our friendship since we started things at the wrong time. We believe that we loved and have love each other so much but we have to make things right. Pain is unbearable. I need to let him go even if the pain is killing me so much. We are just hoping that if we are really meant for each othe fate will find its way.

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