viking woman blowing horn
The Viking Runes...

"Set your house in order, tend to business, be clear, and wait on the will of Heaven"---
                           -from the Book of Runes, Ancient Viking Oracles

Imagine yourself all alone on a cold, misty eve, standing among the deserted ruins of Stonehenge...

                                      stonehenge on a cold misty night with the pale moon

That's the atmosphere evoked by the Viking Runes. If you're the type who's drawn to Norse Mythology, mystical fairy tales, Irish leprechauns and Guardian Angels, then Runes is for you!

Admittedly, it's is a little bit out there. Want to create an aura of mystery for yourself? Carry around your velvet pouch of Rune stones and cast them for your friends. Interpret the Viking Rune meaning for them...

                            viking rune meaning of grey pouch with stones

So what the heck is Runes ? And what is the Viking Rune meaning when it comes to lovers? Technically, runes was an ancient alphabetic script from the North European area (Scandinavia), from the 1st century until the Middle Ages. The letters were used for writing only, as it never evolved into a spoken language. Each runic letter has a name with a meaning to it, unlike our modern English alphabet.

The Runic language fell into disuse as the Roman alphabet became popular throughout Europe. The original meanings of the Runes were lost in history. But today, it has been rediscovered, and many different styles of casting and modern interpretations abound.

The use of the Runes helps bring us close to the ancient peoples who created them. From them we can learn about a way of life more connected, real-time and spiritual than our own.

              letters of the rune alphabet            small love heart with arrow piercing it

We feel the same way about Runes as we do about Tarot. The stones aren't actually magic in the traditional sense of the word. Their value is in promoting introspection and communication, and in providing a means of self-help and guidance.

The Runes reading, like Tarot, helps you explore hidden thoughts and motivations that help shape your future. It is not a fortune- telling device. It just promotes clarity in understanding yourself and your choices, and guides you to live your life in the present.


picture of the book of runes and stone set with pouch    "The Book of Runes & Stone Set",
                                            by Ralph H Blum

This Runes set is offered by the author as a "Handbook for the Spiritual Warrior". It will help you learn to free yourself from anxiety and learn to live in the present. The Runes interpretations presented are healing, merciful and optimistic. They will do you no harm. To the contrary, they will speak to you of change and growth, and positive influences. Learn the Viking rune meaning. Learn the language of the Runes... and let them speak to you...

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